Everything You Need to Know about Thoroughbred Racing

If you’re reading this, something about the sport of Thoroughbred racing has piqued your interest. Whatever it was – the horses, the gambling, the fashion, the people – we’re happy to tell you there’s more where that came from. Want to know more about this magical sport and its stars? We have the answers. Interested in gambling on the races? Betting is fun and easy! Learn the basics and start betting like a pro! Here you will find everything you need to know from the types of bets to what to say at a teller.

Beginner's Guide

Horse racing can get complicated. If you're ready for a sport that will reward your curiosity and commitment, here is a series of short articles to introduce you to the sport.

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Common Racing Terms

Below are a list of most commonly used terms when going to tracks and making a bet. Be sure to visit the complete Racing Terms section for a full list of important terminology to make you a pro.


Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what the...
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Uneven stirrups, popularized by Hall...
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Across the board

A bet on a horse to win, place and...
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1) A horse's manner of moving. 2) A...
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Utilizing stimulation on acupuncture...
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A centuries-old means of treating an...
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Added money

Money added to the purse of a race by...
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Added weight

A horse carrying more weight than the...
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All Thoroughbreds celebrate their...
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All out

When a horse extends itself to its...
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Allowance race

A race for which the racing secretary...
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Tips on How to Gamble

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