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Beginner's Guide
(Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing)

It might be possible to fall for racing just by watching on television or following online, but here at America’s Best Racing we believe you really ought to see horses up close and in person as often as possible.

To find the major Thoroughbred track nearest you, check out this map from

When you visit your local track, keep in mind there are several very different ways to enjoy the races.

Pick the one that best suits your style: 

GRANDSTAND/GENERAL ADMISSION – At most tracks grandstand admission is either free or just a few dollars. You won’t get a reserved seat, but you can wander down to the paddock to see the horses get saddled and you can camp out by the finish line for an up-close view of the race’s final strides. It’s also the way to go if you want to be near the winner’s circle or try to get an autograph from your favorite jockey. Also recommended if you want to smoke a cigar and/or get sunburned.

CLUBHOUSE BOX – Except on the biggest and most important days, you can enjoy the races in high style and comfort for less than you think. Most tracks have boxes of six seats available for just a few bucks per person. You get a semi-private reserved seat with a great view that makes you feel like a big shot. It’s yours for the day, no matter where you wander off to. And even if you don’t have six in your party, it’s worth springing for the whole thing just so you and your friends can ask cute gals or guys in the grandstand if they’d care to join you and watch the next race from your box.

CLUBHOUSE DINING ROOM – Perfect for a business outing or a special date, enjoy a full-service, white-linen meal with a view of the finish line for prices comparable to a nice restaurant. But it’s better than a nice restaurant, because there are betting machines and it’s OK to yell. Reservations are recommended so call in advance.

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