What Now? A Beginner’s Guide to Following Thoroughbred Racing

Beginner's Guide
(Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing)

If you’re reading this, something about the sport of Thoroughbred racing has piqued your interest. Whatever it was – the horses, the gambling, the fashion, the people – we’re happy to tell you there’s more where that came from. You’ve found a pursuit that is more than a hobby and more than a game: it’s a lifestyle. Racing can be as much a part of your life as you want it to be, from an occasional diversion to an all-consuming pursuit of knowledge and greatness.

Critics will often point out the obvious – that horse racing is complicated. To that we say, so what? Nothing truly rewarding in life is simple. Just like your love life or your relationship with a higher power, you get out of racing what you put into it. If you’re ready for a sport that will reward your curiosity and commitment, you’ve come to the right place.

If, on the other hand, you want something that is easily understood, you can visit the American Checkers Federation.

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