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If you’re reading this, something about the sport of Thoroughbred racing has piqued your interest. Whatever it was – the horses, the gambling, the fashion, the people – we’re happy to tell you there’s more where that came from. You’ve found a pursuit that is more than a hobby and more than a game: it’s a lifestyle. Racing can be as much a part of your life as you want it to be, from an occasional diversion to an all-consuming pursuit of knowledge and greatness.

It might be possible to fall for racing just by watching on television or following online, but here at America’s Best Racing we believe you really ought to see horses up close and in person as often as possible.

To find the major Thoroughbred track nearest you, check out this map from

When you visit your local track, keep in mind there are several very different ways to enjoy the races.

Pick the one that best suits your style: 

ASK FOR HELP – You won’t find information booths at most tracks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love newbies! If you have a question, ask anyone, whether it’s the program seller or the nicest-looking person you can find. Despite what you may think, racing fans take pride in their accumulated knowledge and most are happy to share opinions with you. They’ll tell you anything from what horse they like in the next race to which concession stand has the best food!

If you want to experience racing at its finest – and who doesn’t? – figure out what the most important race is at your local track and make it an annual tradition to be there.

Not only will you see the most renowned horses, these are also the afternoons you’ll get to celebrate with well-heeled crowds dressed to the nines. These are the types of days we at America’s Best Racing live for and we want to see you there!

The most famous American races are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. These stakes are restricted to 3-year-olds, meaning every horse only gets one shot to run in and win these prestigious springtime events.

The Derby, Preakness and Belmont comprise what is known as the Triple Crown. Sweeping the Triple Crown by winning all three races is one of the most difficult feats in sports, having been accomplished only 13 times, most recently by Justify in 2018 after American Pharoah accomplished the feat in 2015 after a 37-year drought.

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