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A week after discussing the top trainers at Gulfstream Park’s Championship Meet, let’s take a look at the world-class jockeys who will be competing at the meet.

A stellar group of riders dotted with current and future Hall of Famers will be competing against each other for much of the four-month meet, but the last two years indicate that two of them, in particular, deserve special attention.

As much as 2019 is winding down to a close, there are some places where things are beginning to heat up.

The starting gates open for Gulfstream Park’s winter meet Friday, kicking off a meet that will bring some of the East’s best horses and horsemen to the South Florida track through late March.

Welcome back to part two of our Breeders’ Cup review. Last week, we looked at some betting strategies. Now let’s look at some trends that could come in handy next year at Keeneland.

For one, the Breeders’ Cup is often a territorial event with the host region having an edge. Yet that notion flew out the window earlier this month when Eastern horses dominated at Santa Anita Park on the West Coast.

With another Breeders’ Cup in the books, there’s no shortage of could haves, would haves, and should haves. So for the next few weeks, let’s look back at what happened on Nov. 1-2 during the 36th edition of the World Championships to see what lessons can be gleaned from it.

For one, how was your money management? Ideally, every handicapper dreams of striking it big early in the card and then playing with house money the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work out that way.

In the course of the last 45 years, the biggest advancement in handicapping has probably been the emergence of speed figures.

What is commonplace now was in its infancy back then when speed variants ruled the land.

The variants were simplistic. They were averages based on how many lengths above or below the track record the races on that day were.

Speed figures took that process to a new and infinitely more helpful level.

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