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It’s a widely held belief that one of the more effective handicapping angles is looking for a horse dropping down from a maiden special weight race into a maiden claiming race for the first time.

The same strategy can also work with winners. For example, a horse dropping from an allowance race into a claimer.

That, too, offers a huge class edge that can sometimes lead to a nice payoff for a savvy handicapper who happens upon the right circumstances.

Handicappers should always remember that the third time could be the charm, and if they do, they just might be rewarded with a nice winning ticket.

In this case, let’s look at why three is the magic number.

We’ll start with a horse that returns from a layoff and turns in a solid effort. The best guess is that in its next start that horse will turn in a better effort, but sometimes that first race is exhausting and takes its toll in that subsequent start.

For all of the sun and fun rolled into summertime racing, there are unfortunately some days when Mother Nature decides to muddy the waters.

Unlike baseball, horse racing usually goes on before, during, and after a rainstorm and there are some general philosophies that you should store away for, yes, a rainy day.

The old adage about a bad penny always turning up has an opposite meaning in the claiming game.

When a horse re-appears in the barn of a trainer well-versed in the claiming game, it’s generally a positive sign.

Whenever I write a new column for America’s Best Racing, I always keep in mind my core horse racing audience: newcomers.

It is not enough for the industry to market to newcomers. It also must educate and nurture them so as to elevate this group into becoming regular fans.

A topic I am going to touch upon today is a good one for newcomers. It’s actually one that is too often ignored even by hardcore handicappers. It’s “main track only” (MTO) horses that draw into races that come off the turf.

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