Six Amazing Restaurants to Try Near Monmouth Park

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Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant, Monmouth Park
Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant offers wonderful seaside outdoor seating with a delectable menu. (Facebook/Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant )

If you're looking for a nice place to eat after the Haskell Stakes or any other race day at Monmouth Park, take a look at this list of restaurants below!

The Oceanport, N.J., area has plenty to offer its visitors, and there is so much to choose from among the wonderful list of places to visit. As a man born and raised in New Jersey, there hasn’t been anything that comes close to the food made there, and nothing tastes better than food made down at the shore! 

Maybe you are looking for a night out with family or a fine dining establishment to treat yourself with the day’s winnings. Whatever environment you prefer, I am sure you’ll find the next restaurant to add to your bucket list!

Facebook/The Sauce Pizzeria

The Sauce Pizzeria

281 E Main St.

(732) 440-4447


As someone born and raised in New Jersey, my family always looked forward to that one day of the week where we order pizza for dinner, and The Sauce Pizzeria will help explain why! It may not look like much compared with the rest of the restaurants on this list, but the food on the inside looks and is spectacular. If you drink your fill at the races and crave comfort food, the menu offers a wide range to choose from. Each item is well-priced and this is a great choice if the kids are tagging along as well. If you get the chance to stay and eat somewhere in New Jersey, eating the pizza here should be a priority for all!

Facebook/The Squire at Branches

The Squire at Branches

123 Monmouth Rd.  

(866) 778-4738


The Squire is a great place, not only for that special-occasion dining spot that you’ve been searching for but also as a casual dining option. It is close to the racetrack itself and you should not have any issues parking! The staff is friendly and extremely accommodating to your needs. With a menu ranging from pasta entrees to land and sea delicacies, with plenty of wine and cocktail options as well, you’re bound to find something you will love. Take those racetrack winnings and visit this bucket-list worthy restaurant!

Facebook/Blu Grotto Restaurant

Blu Grotto Restuarant

200 Port Au Peck Ave.

(732) 571-7900


Eating Italian food in New Jersey is a must when you visit! If you’re looking for an upscale restaurant, Blu Grotto is your place. It is conveniently located and provides you with options for indoor or outdoor dining. There is also a wide variety of food for you to choose from while you get to listen to the live band playing that day! After striking it rich at the races, this should definitely be one of the places to go to on your list. Fine dining is a perfect way to end Haskell (or any) race day, whether it be with family or a significant other!

Rodeio Grill and Restaurant

78 Oceanport Ave

(732) 571-4800


If you’re a fan of Brazilian food, this upscale BBQ joint was meant for you! The first instinct after slamming a couple of drinks at the races would very likely lead me here. It is only a short distance away from the track and you don’t exactly have to dress up to fit in. From their house-made sausages, to the rodizio, and Spanish menu items, you’ll find no shortage of options that’ll catch your attention. If you still aren’t quite sure but you’re a fan of spicy food, their homemade hot sauce will surely change your mind!

Image courtesy of Mar Belo

Mar Belo

611 Broadway

(732) 870-2222


There is seemingly no end to the amazing restaurants in area surrounding Monmouth Park, and if you are a fan of Spanish and Portuguese food, you’ve got to try this spot! Mar Belo’s authentic food is plated with a flair surely worthy of a picture. With a choice of inside or outside dining, you will be able to enjoy that glass of Sangria you’ve been craving anywhere! If wine isn’t your forte, don’t worry, there is still a bar area with a stool waiting for you. With how close it is to the racetrack, I could see myself enjoying fresh seafood to tastefully cap any day of racing.

Facebook/Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant

Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant

100 Ocean Ave N

(732) 870-1200


When you close your eyes and think of a nice meal with a view of the beach, you’re most likely envisioning yourself at Rooney’s! From catches of the day, to locally grown greens and veggies, to housemade burrata, this high-end restaurant will have what you need to perfectly wrap up a day of horse racing. To top it off, you get to choose if you would like to enjoy the food and beverage menus either inside at the bar, or outside with the sound of waves crashing in the distance. The staff does everything they can to make your visit worth five stars, and Rooney’s also offers live music! It does not stay open as late as the others on this list do, but you won’t regret making that reservation. Monmouth Park is fortunately next to one of New Jersey’s beautiful shores, so I hope you make the most of it during your stay!

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