Four Fashion Trends for the 2023 Triple Crown Season

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Spring Summer Fashion Sarah Cline
Influencer Sarah Cline has been keeping an eye on the upcoming 2023 fashion trends and has a good idea what we are going to see at the racetrack this spring and summer. (Sarah Cline photo)

Well, it’s officially that time of year! The cherry blossoms have bloomed, the temperatures are on the rise, moods are improving substantially as the seasonal depression lifts and … yes, the spring fashion has dropped!

If you know anything about me (and if you don’t you can get more info than you need here), you know that I LOVE to put looks together for special events. It’s a passion. As an actor, I’ve always likened it to dressing in costume. In fact, it makes me consider the role of fashion. What do our clothes really say about us — the main characters — and our personalities? How do they connect us to our surroundings?

These are the questions to be asking as we prep for the summer racing season and all of the glorious fashion that comes with it. I’m truly so excited because I’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming 2023 trends and have a good idea what we are going to see at the track this spring and summer. All so you can plan accordingly!

The Oh-So-Light Liquid Jersey Dresses

Granted, if you are an overdressed queen like me, this may not be the option for you as it falls on the more casual side. However, this fabric, which was cited by Vogue as being a massive hit for spring, would be perfect for various kinds of weather at the track as it is wildly light and breathable!

This gives you the freedom to walk the track grounds, visit some of the vendors, and seamlessly transition from outdoors to indoors, without fear of dirtying a more expensive outfit. But, please note: these kinds of dresses could betray you, if you sweat! Jersey is notorious for showing any kind of moisture. You’ve been warned.

Oh-So-Light Liquid Jersey Dresses - Beta Brand
The Oh-So Light Liquid Jersey Dress ( Image via BetaBrand)

A Three-Dimensional Take on Spring Florals

Like Miranda Priestly, the racetrack is no stranger to florals for spring …

BUT, this year, we are seeing a significant surge in floral appliqués and three-dimensional rosettes. I love these. The unique and fun design elements serve as a step up from your run-of-the-mill floral print — which, make no mistake, are timeless by the way.

You’ll also find this type of floral design to be especially popular around Kentucky Derby time. As you might know, the Kentucky Derby is historically known as the “run for the roses,” and because of that many attendees (or those celebrating at home with their own parties) traditionally incorporate florals and, yes, roses, into their outfits. 

A Three-Dimensional Take on Spring Florals JessaKae
A Three-Dimensional Take on Spring Florals (Image via JessaKae)

The Return of Fancy Flats

Here’s one thing to rejoice about this racing season: ballet flats are back! Here’s what that means for you: even if you don’t spring for those trackside seats this season and instead elect to stand in the general admission areas cheering on your favorite Thoroughbred, you’ll still be “right on track” with the fashion trends this year. See what I did there?

Spring Fashion Return of Fancy Flats via ASOS
The Return of Fancy Flats (Image via ASOS)

In other words, leave the heels at home and opt for a more comfortable pair of flats like Rothy’s or a more heavily designed pair like these from ASOS. Either way, after a long day at the races, your feet will thank you.

It’s, Again, Time to Think Pink

Okay, I’m off-roading with this one, but I am very confident that we are about to see a HUGE BarbieTM surge this summer.

After the trailer for the new live-action “Barbie” dropped, social media exploded with content and trends from creators and amateurs alike. The film is about to be the summer blockbuster, and I, for one, cannot wait. And what does that mean for fashion? Exactly what you think … pink!

More than just classically at Longines Kentucky Oaks, shades of pink — from pastel to neon — are going to permeate our social media feeds and yes, our race looks. I definitely encourage you to dive head first into this trend and have some serious fun with it! I suspect everyone else will. Oh and, Alexa, play “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

Created using Barbie’s Selfie Generator

Whatever you end up wearing to the track this season, if you love it then I know you will look stunning. Remember that trends are just fleeting suggestions and that there are truly no wrong answers to, “what can I wear?” as long as you feel amazing.

After all, YOU are the main character in your story. So, dress like it! I hope you have fun with old and new friends alike while at this year’s races. Bet big and win big. Until next time!

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