Six Influencers Share What They Love About Horse Racing

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Photo courtesy of Alana Rodriguez

A day spent at the races is special for everyone. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, nothing beats the magic of hearing, “And they’re off!,” followed by the surreal rhythm of hooves pounding across the track. To relive the excitement, we asked six influencers that have partnered with ABR throughout the years to share what their experiences with horse racing have been like.

Can you share what your experiences were like at the races?

Alana Rodriguez: “My experience at the races was memorable. My father has always loved the sport of horse racing, and we would visit a smaller race track, Finger Lakes, when we were younger. To be able to go to Saratoga was impressionable. The property is beautiful with lots of great food and a fun atmosphere. The fashion caught my eye as well. The big, bold hats and dressed up attire was fun to see and experience.”

Aly Vance: “A day at the races can be so varied and can appeal to so many. I enjoy dressing up and wearing a hat, but for me it’s the raw ‘sport’ which really gets me excited. I love to see a close finish or two horses eyeballing each other as they give their everything to win. The Kentucky Derby isn’t just the most exciting two minutes in sports, you can find it at every racetrack, up and down the country.”

Leonard Kim: “My experiences at the horse races were special because I was able to see animals that I've loved and adored for a long time participating in a competitive sport. Just being at the Santa Anita races is an experience in itself, with the backdrop of the beautiful mountains behind the racetrack. I just wish I was better at picking which horses would win!”

What makes a day at the races so special?

Aly Vance: “Getting up close to the horses who are truly special equine athletes. I always try to make a point to go to the rail and watch a race from there. To see the horses go thundering past mid-race is exhilarating.”

Clay Cook: “Whether it’s a big bet win or tasting some good bourbon while watching races live, there is nothing else like it in the world.”

Leonard Kim: “A day at the races is special because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with my friends and loved ones while being a part of a fun and exciting sporting event, which is unlike any other.”

What did you learn about horse racing that you didn’t know before attending a race?

Alana Rodriguez: “I learned a lot on how to make bets, the vocabulary and words to use when making your picks, and the different possibilities of winning. I also was in awe of the physical beauty of the horses. They were beautiful to see up close in person.”

Matt Hartman: “The customs and history behind it … including the previous winners.”

Sal Governale: “That no matter how much you handicap a horse and no matter how much it appears to be a ‘sure win,’ anything is possible. I still prefer to pick names as my favorite way to bet!”

Thank you to all the influencers who shared what makes a day at the races specials. Keep your eyes peeled for more bloggers, content creators, and industry pros telling stories of what makes racing so special to them.

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