White Thoroughbreds, Horses and Literacy, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Welcome to our link roundup, where we share our favorite stories from around the Internet! Know a link that should be included? Email it to americasbestracing@gmail.com

When Caitlin Gooch learned that only 36% of fourth-graders in North Carolina could read at a proficient letter, the Black cowgirl started a nonprofit, Saddle Up and Read, using her horses to help inspire kids to love literature. (CNN)

I am obsessed with Sodashi, a white Thoroughbred in Japan who just made horse racing history. (BloodHorse

A woman in the UK started a horseback riding program to break down barriers, and one of her graduates just became a licensed jockey! (Leicester Live)

This is so sweet: when a 12-year-old boy in Mississippi dreamt of getting a horse for Christmas, a rancher in Arizona and strangers across the country came together to make it happen. (WJTV)

This is a fascinating military and civilian history of an island off of San Francisco named for a famous horse. (SF Gate

This is a haunting photo essay on the old, soon-to-be-demolished Le Bois Racetrack in Idaho. (Boise Dev)

I had no idea that there are wild horses in Turkey, called the yılkı horse. Come learn with me! (Atlas Obscura

I’ve seen this act at the Big Apple Circus! Every single horse in the herd is a rescue –  how great is that?

This is right up my alley: how much metric horsepower does a horse actually have? (Science Focus

I normally balk at anything calling itself a “definitive list” (unless I make it, obviously) but this take on the Horse Girl Canon is pretty darn accurate. (Polygon)

In honor of National Horse Day, Kotaku challenged its readers to Photoshop horses into their favorite video games, and it is delightful. (Kotaku)

This is lovely – the St. Croix Pony Club has been introducing kids in the Virgin Islands to horses for 50 years. (St. Croix Source)

If you have ever been around ponies before, it will not surprise you to learn that a British rescue pony led a barnyard insurrection and inspired five goats and three donkeys to take over his owner’s office. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this. (KSL)

Do you need to see an Elf on the Shelf riding a Shetland pony while being chased by mounted police? Of course you do! (Free Metro)

Never count out a Thorougbred’s heart: Galactic Warrior came out of nowhere to snatch the narrowest of victories in a race at Australia’s Canberra Racecourse. (The Sun

Holy moly, this dog is a better jumper than some horses I’ve ridden!

If you’re bored, this horse trivia quiz is a lot of fun! (Capital Press

Huh. Apparently, pandas deal with the winter by rolling in horse manure. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Is your horse in the mood to perform well? Here’s how to find out. (EQUUS)

Attention to the aspiring and current jockeys out there: if you want to win your races, mathemeticians have your back. (Science Magazine)

Actress Zosia Mamet is a self-described horse nerd and this article is absolutely charming. (New York Magazine

Here’s how 1/st Bet is revolutionizing horse racing. (Lineups)

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