Secretariat Statue, Wild Horse Adoption, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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I thoroughly enjoyed this look at all things Kentucky, including Louisville’s official drink (it’s not what you think it is!), the official state saddle, and Lexington’s new Secretariat statue. (KET)

Frost the miniature horse is bringing some socially-distanced joy to a nursing home in New York! (Hudson Valley 1)

Crucial click-through: this is a slideshow of the South Texas Shetland Pony Show, and it’s adorable. (Victoria Advocate)

Wait, it only costs $1 to adopt a wild horse? I wonder if one would be allowed in my apartment… (San Francisco Chronicle)

Someone bought Horse Island off the coast of Ireland in the midst of the pandemic. If only I had known and also €5.5 million! (BBC)

I will never stop laughing at the accuracy:

Here’s what it’s like to ride a palomino paint in a world of warmbloods at dressage shows. (Chronicle of the Horse)

If you’re in the Boston area, the former site of Suffolk Downs is hosting some drive-in movies! (Associated Press)

This is the kind of family bonding I love! Princess Anne is spending lockdown by going riding with her grandchildren. (Yahoo!)

That was some good riding! A Disney cast member portraying Princess Merida lived up to her movie Brave’s name when her horse spooked at a balloon that got wrapped around his leg. (People)

Huge summer mood:

This is cool! A Suffolk Punch filly is the first foal in the UK to be born with its sex predetermined. (BBC)

I love this “America’s Got Talent” contestant who’s singing opera on horseback! (The Oregonian)

This article about how horseback riding raises body awareness is so, so true. (Ehlers-Danlos News)

A Utah man is riding the whole Oregon Trail. All I can say is: watch out for dysentery! (NTV)

If you live in New York City and have kids who want to horseback ride, the Bronx Equestrian Center offers lessons for the whole family! (News 12)

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