New Three-Part Documentary ‘Of Horse & Man’ Available on Prime Video

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For many fans of horse racing, the initial draw to the sport was the beauty, athleticism, and power of the racehorse. This unique connection between horses and humans is the central theme of Amazon Prime Video’s new three-part documentary “Of Horse & Man” that will appeal to both passionate horse lovers as well as those less familiar with the equine breed.

“Of Horse & Man” is not simply a story about horses, this documentary series narrated by Glenn Close explores the connection between humans and their long-time partner, the horse. While this connection often is hidden deep within our collective conscious, the evidence is everywhere.

Take a walk through any park, drive past any open field, or look at any home décor display … chances are you’ll find a horse. So common is this iconic image, that it has become overlooked, almost invisible. Yet horses are prominent in our art, literature, architecture, and fashion as well as our sports, our celebrations and, for some, their everyday lives.

By comparing our ancient past with contemporary themes, the importance of the horse’s role throughout history becomes apparent. This $112 billion industry has a profound impact on our lives both economically and socially. But more than this “Of Horse & Man” explores our deep relationship with the horse beyond its historical and financial significance, showing us that our relationship with the horse is often much deeper than the need for a beast of burden.

Producers Stewart F. Lane, Bonnie Comley, and Diane Dowling, talked about their amazing journey: “We set out to make a simple documentary about the Hampton Classic … what we found were a unique group of people who had a deep, abiding passion we couldn’t describe without further investigation. So, nearly 300 hours of video and over 1,000 still images later, we have created a three-part, three-hour series detailing the enduring and hidden connection between horse and man.”

“Of Horse & Man” invites you to take a closer look at this elegant, mighty animal and to explore the connection that lies deep within so many of us. “Of Horse & Man” pulls back the curtain to reveal a thriving industry loaded with charm, historical relevance, and tradition. It explores a culture of people who make their living with horses, people who rise early in the morning to care for their horses, unafraid to get their hands dirty, and people who love the smell of a hay-filled barn and the musky odor of their four-legged charges. These are women, men and children who would rather spend time at the barn with their horses than anywhere else on earth, and these are the people we meet in “Of Horse & Man.”

The story “Of Horse & Man” is told in three compelling episodes.

The first episode, “The Relationship Begins,” explores our shared history and how it evolved from using the horse as a food source to a partner in building civilization.

The second episode, “Today’s Horse,” details how the thriving, multi-billion-dollar equine industry touches all our lives … from employing more people than railroads, broadcasting, and fixtures manufacturing to the millions of people who participate as spectators. Through profiles with professional athletes, celebrities, and industry insiders we discover a lifestyle steeped in tradition and an industry moving towards the future.

The final episode, “The Future Horse & Man,” reveals how the connection forged so long ago has yet to realize its full potential. Man and horse still learn together, work together, and play together, but our relationship has evolved. Through their use in therapy, in maintaining open spaces, in farming and logging, and in medical research — horses are as relevant today as ever.

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