Innovation in Horse Ownership, Equine Genetics, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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I am very, very excited to read this new book about humanity’s collective love of horses. (Washington Post)

The headline of this article is “Pony Paradise” and, yeah, this farm is about ten thousands times nicer than any place I will ever live. It’s stunning! (FEI)

This article about the genetic makeup of the Arabian horse breed fascinated me; I always knew that there were three Arabian stallions who were the foundation of the modern Thoroughbred breed; it turns out that Thoroughbreds have helped define Arabians over the years, too. (The Horse)

Do you love data, betting on horse racing, and market outlook? Then you’re going to love this article on how COVID-19 might affect horse betting in the next five years. (The Daily Chronicle)

This makes me want to literally give Lloyd’s Bank my money:

Did you know that this year’s Kentucky Derby winner Authentic has over 5,000 owners? Learn more about the company selling microshares in racehorses right here. (Spectrum News 1)

I’m kind of obsessed with George Scott Waters, a three-day event rider who really loves the Maryland state flag. (Chronicle of the Horse)

Where did horse domestication really begin? New genetic testing is telling scientists it’s not where they thought. (Phys.Org)

This is very timely: here’s how to help your horse recover from poor air quality. (The Horse)

This is a cool look back at San Antonio’s public transportation through the years, including horse-drawn streetcars! (KSAT)

Do you need a heartwarming story about a 38-year-old rescue horse named Princess? Because I sure did! (Nevada County Union)

If you’ve ever wanted to adopt a wild horse or burro, here’s your chance! (FOX 13 Now)

Necker Island is the coolest horse; he’s also the first Kentucky Derby runner to have an owner from South Dakota in more than 50 years! (Tri-State Livestock News)

This is adorable:

I am so excited to see Concrete Cowboy – Idris Elba as an urban equestrian? Yes, please! (Vanity Fair)

Across the pond, a UK-based horseback rider just raised £13,000 for St. Elizabeth Hospice after completing a 200-mile ride in memory of her father. (Charity Today)

A California horse sanctuary burned to the ground in the wildfires, but thankfully all 20 horses survived. (Upworthy)

From Seabiscuit to the horse from Lord of the Rings, check out all of the famous horses who were raised in one small part of California. (Valley Road Runner)

This is a fascinating look at how and why Shetland ponies live so long. (Sunday Post)

Ooooh! My Little Pony and Breyer Horses are up for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame! Ten-year-old me is most pleased by this. (Press-Herald)

Mighty Heart, the one-eyed winner of this year’s Queen’s Plate, has a really wonderful story. Please click this link – you’ll be so glad you did. (Paulick Report)

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