Cloning Wild Horses, Equine Science and Stress, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Idris Elba will star in a movie called Concrete Cowboys, and he had to overcome a horse allergy to get through filming. (The Hollywood Reporter)

This is awesome: in an effort to save the species, the very first clone of the critically endangered Przewalski’s Horse, the last species of truly wild horses, has been born!  (Time)

Speaking of crazy cool science, it turns out that geldings are actually more temperamental than mares?? Huh. (The Horse)

I really love this story about the $6,000 dream horse at Woodbine. (Paulick Report)

Is this a new TikTok dance craze or something?

If you’re a horse owner, this is a great guide to being prepared for winter. (Horse Illustrated)

Speaking of horses and seasons, did you know that fall can trigger asthma in equines? I didn’t! (Purdue University)

Interesting! Researchers in Costa Rica are trying to develop a COVID-19 vaccine from horse antibodies. (New York Post)

Here are some artifacts from Portland, Maine’s horse-powered past that you might enjoy. (Bangor Daily News)

I’m kind of obsessed with this program that pairs inmates at the Wyoming Honor Farm with wild mustangs to be trained for the Forest Service. (Independent Record)

In hugely relatable (for me, at least) content, horses can get stressed out by not being stressed out. (The Horse)

Are you planning to build a barn? Here’s what veterinarians have to say. (The Horse)

Fabulous: the Mid-Missouri Miniature Horse Show was a success; and, yes, there is a delightful photo to go with the story in the link. (Missourian)

Ever wanted to adopt a wild horse? Here’s your chance! (St. George News)

Oooooooh, pretty!

This tiny 2-year-old rider is cleaning up at horse shows! Yes, there are video and photos, so click away! (Daily Mail)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a horse walks into a bar… actually, a horse tried to kick his way into a Nebraska bar this week. (Kearney Hub)

Cordell Anderson is one of the best horsemen you’ll ever hear about, so I was really excited to watch this video about his life in horse racing. (BloodHorse)

Do you have a horse who’s going to live outside 24/7? Here’s what you need to know. (The Horse)

Horses with curly coats! Horses with curly coats! (Morganton News Herald)

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