Twelve More Funny Horse Names

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Thoroughbred names can be noble, inspiring, bland or downright hilarious. Read on to find 12 of the more humorous monikers humans have chosen for their racehorses.

1. You’re A Nation – This one flowed right to the top of our list for obvious reasons.

2. Pants on Fire – surprisingly, Brian Williams is not affiliated with this horse.

3. Miss Sea Cup – This mare (born in 2008) is sired by Sea of Secrets and her mother is Miss Thirtyfour D, so this name is both punny and funny (in a completely juvenile way, of course!)

4. Spot – Yep, just Spot. Children’s picture book not included.


5. That’s Whatshesaid – someone out there is clearly a Michael Scott fan.

6. Ohbeegeewhyen – as of 2001 when this horse was born, the doctor was in.

7. Whyistherumgone – If you’re a die-hard Johnny Depp/Pirates of the Caribbean fan or just enjoy a good daiquiri, this is a valid question; if you’re a racehorse, however, it’s kind of a funny moniker.

8. Harass – In and of itself, Harass is not a funny horse name; but what track announcer (and voice of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont and Breeders’ Cup) Larry Collmus does with it makes it one of the most hilarious names in recent memory: 

Video courtesy Gulfstream Park

9. Whykickamoocow – in 1995, a Thoroughbred owner asked this essential question.

10. Steve (born in 2011), Becky (born in 2008), Carl (born in 2010), Sarah (born in 2005) and any other horse with a name that seems a little too casual and a bit too human.

11. Beer Me – this gelding, born in 1999, is sired by a horse named Urgent Request. This is a well-named horse.

12. Isitingood – no comment needed or provided.

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