Top 10 Men's Fashion Looks for the Breeders' Cup from the Scott Barber Brand

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Courtesy of Scott Barber Brands

The Scott Barber brand is more than an expression of personal style, it’s a statement of lifestyle. And, with the 2022 Breeders’ Cup World Championships quickly approaching, here’s your chance to update your personal style with some of the top selling and most popular clothing from Scott Barber. Managing Partner John Crocco shares his top 10 looks for the 2022 Breeders’ Cup World Championships hosted at historic Keeneland Race Course.

It’s time to freshen up your racetrack attire in advance of the 2022 Breeders’ Cup World Championships.  You can purchase online at or via through a store in 46 states (see their store locator here). 

Click the name of the item to view it on the Scott Barber website.

<a href="">1. Pima Cotton Interlock Mock Turtleneck</a>

1. Pima Cotton Interlock Mock Turtleneck

Fine Peruvian Pima cotton yields extra softness, with fibers more than double the length of standard cottons – resulting in a silky soft and durable fabric.
<a href="">2. Pima Cotton Zip Mock</a>

2. Pima Cotton Zip Mock

It’s been called the “Cashmere of Cotton” and it only grows in places uniquely suited to its creation. The land matters, the air matters, the water matters. Everything matters.
<a href="">3. Quilted Nylon Zip Vest</a>

3. Quilted Nylon Zip Vest

The rare. The exceptional. The one of a kind. These are the pieces that uniquely define your wardrobe.
<a href="">4. Cotton/Cashmere Twill Sportshirt</a>

4. Cotton/Cashmere Twill Sportshirt

The next level. That’s where we’ve taken the tailoring, the needle, the thread count and the nuance. The pursuit of luxury is not a practical ambition, but rather a passion of possibility.
<a href="">5. Merino/Cotton Zip Mock Sweater</a>

5. Merino/Cotton Zip Mock Sweater

It begins with the fibers, wool and cotton chosen from specific regions, knitted by technicians who are true masters of their craft. Personal style begins with quality that performs.
<a href="">6. Tech Jersey Zip Mock</a>

6. Tech Jersey Zip Mock

Fibers that stretch, fibers that wick, fibers that dry, fibers that look professional for all professions. Sportswear is by definition, the style of living well.
<a href="">7. Mélange Twill Sportshirt</a>

7. Mélange Twill Sportshirt

Time honored. Accepted everywhere. Faithfully evolved from the original. The classics endure.
<a href="">8. Organic Cotton Sportshirt</a>

8. Organic Cotton Sportshirt

The greatest testament to a life’s work is that it’s worth preserving.
<a href="">9. Merino/Cashmere Vee Neck Sweater</a>

9. Merino/Cashmere Vee Neck Sweater

The production of the finest sweaters in the world blends old world craftsmanship with modern technology.
<a href="">10. Cotton Flannel Sportshirt</a>

10. Cotton Flannel Sportshirt

Every garment that bears the Scott Barber name is a product of forethought and purpose. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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