Kerry Thomas’s Map to Understanding the Thoroughbred Racehorse Sensory System

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Thoroughbred racehorses, like Rich Strike above in June at Belmont Park, process sensory information much differently than many other animals. Kerry Thomas of THT Bloodstock created a map based on herd-dynamics research to illustrate the sensory process. (Eclipse Sportswire)

The sensory system is more than just the physical senses identifying stimulus in the environment, it is the horses’ psyche managing the interpretive process. A “sensory sound” horse has the capacity to identify, interpret, and respond purposely in a controlled manner.

In equine sports, sensory efficiency is the leading edge of performance ability. Optimizing physical talent hinges upon psychological ability; like a blocker in football, the sensory system clears the space for the horse to move through.

The THT Bloodstock Sensory Soundness Map is a unique diagram of ideal sensory soundness and efficiency, representing a visual representation of the communicative relationship between horse and environment. Complete with descriptions from the fascinating world of herd dynamics, this diagram will help you better understand the horse by offering you a window into the unseen world of herd dynamics. Where we wish to better understand the horse, we must take our view, from the hoof.

This beautiful wall-art styled poster was designed to be as informative as it is appealing. Having come to fruition after many years of herd-dynamic study, it is being offered in heavy matte paper, sized 24 X 18 inches, ideal for framing.

Sensory Soundness; the fluent intersection between corporeal and cognitive senses, connecting the physical world with the emotional horse.” Kerry M. Thomas

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