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Just last month, TVG horse racing television network celebrated its 20th anniversary. Launched on July 14, 1999, TVG was and still is the go-to source for fans and bettors who enjoy watching racing on TV — from around the U.S. and around the world — 365 days a year. Through two decades, viewers have developed strong relationships with the personalities who have served as hosts and handicappers on TVG.

Among the hosts who have been there since the beginning is Todd Schrupp.

There’s something magical about a morning at the Spa; although the Thoroughbreds training could be stepping out of any time, they could only be in one place: Saratoga. ABR’s Penelope Miller set out to capture and share some of the beauty that is sunrise in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club story/Tere Albanese

When you think of goats, you usually think of them being on a farm and/or being used for their milk. But they’ve also been known to be pets and — at the racetrack — a friend for a horse in need.

Horse trainer Dan Hendricks has a goat at his barn named Jack. He is one of the larger breeds of goat with big horns and he just might butt you if you make him mad, or show any fear. As far as what breed of goat he is, though, that’s up for grabs.

“He’s just a goat, Hendricks said.

There is still loyalty in racing, just as there are still horses that distinguish themselves as diamonds in the rough. Ashbrook Farm in Versailles, Ky., can attest to both.

Fans can be sure to find an insider’s view this summer by tuning in to “Saratoga Live” and hanging on Tom Amoss’ every word.

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