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Kassie Guglielmino steps out of the jockey’s room at Portland Meadows and sees a friend. She smiles a smile that is bright enough to light up the gloomy Pacific Northwest skies. She watches the horses as they are saddled, looks outside to see if it’s raining yet and heads to her mount. As they leave through the tunnel on their way to the track, her hand automatically reaches up to touch the beam overhead.  On it someone has written “Luck” with a couple of horseshoes. It’s primitive and rustic.

Holly Smith was born in raised in Frankfort, Ky., and started riding horses when she was about 9 years old. For many years she was involved with American Saddlebreds and an avid 4-Her during her adolescence.  She learned to take pictures at young age from her mom, and ever since, horses and photography have been a part of her life. In 2015, after American Pharoah won the Kentucky Derby, she began to frequent the track for photography purposes and the quest the become part of racing media began.

If there was an Olympic medal for “high fiving” then Bing Bush would be a gold medalist. In the austere, quiet offices of the Breeders’ Cup last week, he emerged from the back room smiling. He was beaming.  He was glowing. He looked at his two friends and said quietly, “We got in!” and the celebration ensued.  High fives! The clap was like thunder! Then the reality of their surroundings set in. Bush said, “No one can know,” which led to a fit of laughter and giggling. Bush quickly called Nathan McCauley (co-owner of Abbondanza Racing) and joyfully shared the good news.

What is your destiny in life? Is it where you started? Is it how you planned? How do you know what road to follow? For the team of folks involved with Indiana-bred Bucchero at the 2017 Breeders’ Cup, their journey has been astonishing. Trainer Tim Glyshaw was a school teacher.

With a thorough perspective of the unique pinnacle that the mighty Zenyatta achieved for all of her human connections, lifelong horseman Don Robinson made sure to soak in her entire Hall of Fame career.

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