Tips for Horse Owners, Choctaw Spanish Mustangs, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be drooling over this Maryland horse farm that’s for sale. Anyone want to give me $3 million so I can just buy it? (Baltimore Sun

This is very cool: eight Choctaw Spanish Mustangs, horses who are descended from the Spanish conquistadores’ mounts and an integral part of Choctaw, Cherokee and Chickasaw heritage, have been gifted to the Jones Academy for the Choctaw Pony education and legacy preservation program. (McAlester News)

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s Blackburn 2020 show is going global! (Past the Wire)

Fourteen-year-old Hannah James wants to get herself to the Youth Nationals Arabian Horse Show, and she’s accomplishing her goal by collecting and recycling 300 bags of plastic bottles. (My Valley News)

I hadn’t realized that the Przewalski’s horse was extinct in the wild; but hope has arrived in the form of a cloned foal named Kurt who means the last true wild horses may yet survive. (Smithsonian

Equestrian Liza Boyd has some life advice I can really get behind: namely, the importance of staying busy and buying baby goats. (Chronicle of the Horse

Malcolm Vincent and his wife Kamesha Brooks, riders in East Austin, Texas, are using their barn Roll’n Da Dice Stables to teach local kids the history of Black cowboys in America, Buffalo Soldiers, and the importance of the horse-human connection. (Austin 360)

I love this look at the importance of the Breeders’ Cup both to the past and future. (Ocala Star-Banner

In happy news for retired racehorses, the Thoroughbred Incentive Plan is being extended to polo ponies off the track! (BloodHorse)

I’ve never hit subscribe so hard: three German equine scientists have started a YouTube channel debunking horse myths and explaining why horses have some of their weird habits. (Horse Talk New Zealand)

Directly quoting the lede of this story because it’s so true: Owning a horse is single-handedly one of the most rewarding and financially draining things a person can do for themselves.” If you’re considering getting into horse ownership, read this. (Cowboy Lifestyle)   

Great news, Nebraskans! Horse racing is coming to South Sioux City. (Siouxland Proud)

This is so adorable: mares “talk” to their foals, and the vocalizations ensure the survival of baby horses. (The Horse)  

Attention golfers: if your ball veers into a horse race, take the mulligan. This is not safe. Thankfully, no one was hurt! (The Guardian

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