The Horse Lover’s Guide to Staying Inside

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Hi friends. I know COVID-19 is a scary time for us all; but, if you’re a horse lover like me who can’t go riding or get to the races anymore, you may be wondering what to do with yourself during this time of social distancing. So, here’s my handy guide for horse lovers who suddenly find ourselves stuck indoors for the foreseeable future.

1. Find some horse movies and shows to binge.

Streaming shows and movies to pass the time isn’t exactly a novel idea, I know, but here’s a handy list of some of the best equine content out there that you can watch over the next … who knows how long. Some of my favorites and where to watch them include:

50 to 1 – Amazon Prime: The story of Mine That Bird’s improbable Kentucky Derby victory. Come for the excitement, stay for the Evil Bob Baffert.

Black Beauty – Amazon Prime: A tearjerker first-person perspective about a horse’s life in 19th century England.

The Black Stallion – Amazon Prime: Classic movie about boy meets horse, boy and horse get shipwrecked, boy and horse form unshakable bond. It’s SO good, y’all.

Buck – Amazon Prime: This documentary follows a horse whisperer who has overcome abuse to help horses who have been through trauma. This is an incredible doc if you like that sort of thing.

Dreamer – Hulu: Dakota Fanning and her father, horse trainer Kurt Russell, nurse their horse Soñador back to health after she suffers an injury.

The Horse Whisperer – Hulu: When a teenaged girl and her horse are traumatized by an accident, it’s up to Robert Redford to help them heal.

Let It Ride – Amazon Prime: ‘80s comedy starring Richard Dreyfuss as a horseplayer on an unbelievable run of luck at the track. This is every handicapper’s favorite movie.

Luck – HBO Go: Mobster gets out of prison, plots revenge, and buys a racehorse. You know, that old chestnut.

National Velvet – Amazon Prime: The vehicle that launched Liz Taylor’s career! She stars as a horse-crazy 12-year-old who dreams of riding in the Grand National.

Phar Lap – Apple Store: This is the haunting story of Phar Lap, the big chestnut horse who was king of racing during Australia’s Depression in the 1930s.

Racing Stripes – Amazon Prime: A zebra wants to become a racehorse. It’s adorable.

Secretariat – Disney Plus: The story of Secretariat, his owner, trainer, and jockey, and their journey to Triple Crown glory.

Seabiscuit – Amazon Prime: The amazing true story of a little racehorse, his down-and-out trainer, and an injured jockey that gave hope to Americans during the Depression.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – Hulu: A rambunctious Mustang stallion has adventures on the American West frontier.

War Horse – Netflix: Joey the horse is separated from his owner Albert and ends up on the front lines of World War 1.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken – Amazon Prime: This movie is ridiculous but it’s SO good. Sonora is a daredevil rider who jumps horses off of high dives. Will going blind hinder her career? (You’d think this would be so, wouldn’t you? But you’d be wrong.)

2. Get on Instagram and look at some horses.

If you love horses and don’t know how to follow them on Instagram, just follow some hashtags! You’ll see an incredible array of beautiful equines from around the world, and you may just find some cool new accounts to follow. Here are some hashtags I’m following:






3. Stay riding fit.

If you’re a horseback rider, you know it’s going to be hard to stay fit if you’re grounded for a few weeks. Here’s a good video to help you get back in the saddle from your living room:

4. YouTube is now your best friend.

If you miss barn life, racing, riding, or pretty much anything else horse-related, YouTube is going to help you out here. Some channels that could ease your equine cravings are:

America’s Best Racing Yes, a shameless plug; but I genuinely really love our YouTube channel. Find day-in-the-life videos about big race days, lots of content on Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify, cute foal videos, and a whole lot more.

The Budget Equestrian Lisa shows you how to save money if you’re a horse owner.

This Esme Horses and donkeys, y’all. What else do you need?

US Equestrian If you like horse showing, you’re going to love this channel!

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program Get ready to fall in love with all the adoptable ex-racehorses!

Matt Harnacke He’s a model, a top horseback rider, and he has a miniature horse. You’ve already clicked over there, haven’t you?

World Horse Racing If you want a behind-the-scenes look at some of the best Thoroughbreds (and their humans) on the planet, you’re going to love World Horse Racing.

5. Watch some baby horses going about their daily lives.

I’ve read that just looking at nature, even through photos and videos, can lift your spirits. So it’s time for us all to head over to Foal Patrol from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, where you can see babies being born, watch the daily lives of tiny baby horses as they interact with their mothers, go outside to play, and take naps in their barns. They even have a channel for Gun Runner, a champion racehorse and sire, this year. There are seven streams to choose from, so you’ll always have a lovely horse by your side even when you’re stuck indoors.

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