Travers Stakes Barn Cats, City Commutes on Horseback, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Forget the black/blue or gold/white dress and the raven rabbit: this horse racing photo finish optical illusion is mind-bending. (Yahoo! Sport)

How cool is this? An eighteen-year-old woman just won a 100-mile endurance race riding a horse she got for free on Craigslist. (CNN)

Ever wonder why birds ride wild horses around? There is actually a reason! (Southern Living)

What’s it like to ride a pony in a world championship horse show? If you’ve ever wondered, click on! (Louisville Courier-Journal)

If you think drivers in harness racing are just sitting there, think again: riding in a bike is serious exercise. (Wall Street Journal)

This is delightful:

There’s a new anime about a girl who can talk to horses. This review is a little scathing, but I still want to see it because there’s a little part of me that still totally believes that horses really can speak. (The Guardian)

Meet Stella Saywell, the woman who started the Riding for the Disabled Association. (BBC)

So, tell me if you’ve already heard this one: a horse walks into a Bourbon Street bar… nope, it’s not a joke - that really happened! The best part? The band was playing “Old Town Road” when it happened. (WWLTV)

Native Americans in Idaho are celebrating their history and culture with the Indian Relay horse races. (NPR)

Are you all ready to meet a miniature service horse named Flirty? I think you are! (

If you have a horse you’d be willing to donate, the Pennsylvania State Police are in need! (WPXI)

Betty Gottberg has always dreamed of owning a horse; now, at age 81, it’s become a reality. (Marietta Daily Journal)

Meet the Travers Stakes runners’ cats, who are adorable:

Did you know that it’s legal to ride a horse on city streets in Baltimore? It’s regulated, of course, but that’s not going to stop me from wishing I lived there. I want to commute on horseback! (Baltimore Sun)

If you love both horses and ASMR videos, you’re going to want to click this link. (WTVQ)

These photos of traditional horse racing on South Africa’s East Cape are absolutely stunning. Looks like I have a new addition to my bucket list! (BBC)

Experience the pageantry of the Chuck Burns Memorial Six-Horse Hitch Classic in Pennsylvania. (The Meadville Tribune)

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