Differences Between a Kentucky Derby and Super Bowl Party

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Bourbon and roses or beer and jerseys? You make the call, but well take the Kentucky Derby every day of the week, with the possible exception of Super Bowl Sunday. (Eclipse Sportswire)

The Super Bowl and the Kentucky Derby both are signature events that capture the attention of America and inspire thousands of parties nationwide. But which party is more fun to attend? Read on to find out if the best parties will revolve around the pigskin next February, or if you’ll have the party of the year on May 4.

1. Fashion:

At a Kentucky Derby party, everyone is dressed up and looking spectacular. Women in dresses, men in suits. At a Super Bowl party, adults don jerseys. Like we said, Derby: dresses and suits. C’mon, man, jerseys? Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

Eclipse Sportswire WikimediaCommons

2. Cocktails:

Mint juleps versus Jell-o shots. ’Nuff said. Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

3. Gambling:

Gambling on horse racing offers a much juicer ROI thanks to better odds and more options than even-money offered betting a football game. The Super Bowl prop bets and betting squares games uniquely engage the entire party, as does picking your Derby horse blindly from a hat. Advantage: Tie. We’re all for promoting anything that involves a gamble.


4. Adrenaline rush:

Globally known as “the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports,” the Kentucky Derby generates an adrenaline rush that is simply incomparable. The Super Bowl game can be hit or miss. Anyone recall the 2014 Super Bowl? Yawn … the final score was Seattle 43, Denver 8. Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

5. May vs. February:

Due to the time of year, Kentucky Derby parties can be hosted outside. For much of the country, it’s required that all Super Bowl parties take place inside an overcrowded living room, den, or similar. Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

6. Commercials:

Okay, NFL, we’ll give you this one. Nobody watches the Kentucky Derby for the commercials. Advantage: Super Bowl party

7. Food:

WikimediaCommons WikimediaCommons

At a Super Bowl party you will likely be treated to an array of dips, chips, salsa, nachos, and chicken wings – all tasty finger foods, no doubt. And, bonus points for chicken wings. At a Kentucky Derby party, however, the culinary offerings include a more sophisticated menu of options, like Louisiana crawfish and beet salad, Chipotle cheddar bisque, shrimp dip divine, garlic cheese grits, southern fried chicken, Kentucky Hot Browns, Andouille sausage, and lamb lollipops among others. Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

8. Beer:

Budweiser vs. Stella Artois. Do we really need to say anything more? Advantage: Kentucky Derby party

So there you have it. Try not to spill your mint julep on your fancy dress or suit while you cheer home the Derby winner.

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