Travel Tips: Read Away

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When you’re not at the races, one of the greatest benefits of traveling can be the extra time to spent reading.

Reading engages your brain in a stress-relieving practice, becoming a great outlet to relax on your trip. Although several advantages of reading include improved writing skills through increased vocabulary and improved memory to sharpen your handicapping skills, at certain times difficulty can be found in the decision making process of what to read.

Romantic novel? Self help? When unsure of what your “in the mood” to read, bringing multiple books on your trip can take up the space in your suitcase that’s needed for your hat for the derby. A great way to gain knowledge on multiple subjects without hauling around too much extra weight is to travel with magazines. Not only are magazines lighter than traditional books and slimmer to slip in your carry-on luggage, but they can also be disposed of when you’re done reading to “lighten your load.”

Although you can dispose of the magazine when finished reading, you won’t lose the knowledge you have gained. Various topics can be explored through the freedom of bringing along diverse magazines on your next trip to the races.

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