Baby Names and Meanings Inspired by Horses

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If you’re a keen equestrian or just have a passion for betting on the racetrack, you might be wondering if you should name the newest addition to your family to reflect your favorite pastime! There are lots of wonderful human names for both boys and girls which are linked to horses, equestrianism, and horsemanship, so if you’re expecting a baby, you might want to have a look through our list to find inspiration for naming your little one.

Whether your bundle of joy is a boy or a girl, these fabulous names will leave the world in no doubt of just how big a part horses play in your life.

Philip – Friend of The Horses

If your new baby is a boy, Philip could be the perfect name for your little one. This name originates from ancient Greek. The name “Phillipos” has been around for centuries and literally means “horse lover” or “friend of the horses”. It’s a name with a long and illustrious heritage – five Macedonian kings, five Spanish kings and six French kings all bore this name, albeit in variant forms to suit the local language. Popular versions of Philip include Felipe, Filippo, Phillip, Philippe and Phil. If you’re a fan of sports in general as well as equestrianism, Philip is a great choice for you. There have been some outstanding sportsmen who have worn this name with pride including Phil Chenier, the veteran basketball player, soccer player Philip Jones and baseball player Philip Hughes. If you visit, you’ll also find several famous cricketers who go by the name of Philip including, most notably, Welsh cricketer Philip Salt and former English test bowler Phil Tufnell. There are also numerous musicians, TV stars and movie personalities with the name Philip. You only need to look at Philip Schofield and Phil Collins to realize that your little one could be off to the right start with such a prestigious name!

Colt – Perfect for a Baby!

If you’re naming a little boy, you may need to look no further than the name Colt. Literally meaning young male horse, this is a name which has plenty of masculine presence and western flair. A popular name in the U.S, sometimes it is lengthened to Colton, both either would work well for a horse lover! Although this is a name which doesn’t have a lengthy pedigree, there are a number of famous people who bear this name including country singer Colt Ford, Colt Kucker, a pop singer, and football player Colt Anderson.

Marshall – One Who Cares for Horses

Although the name Marshall might be more closely linked with the TV comedy series “How I Met Your Mother,” in fact, it has German origins. Derived from the words “marah” meaning horse and “scalc” meaning servant, a marshal was someone who cared for horses or was a blacksmith. It’s also a very fashionable choice, with plenty of modern appeal. You need to look no further than the famous rapper Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers III to know that this is a name that is set for success.

Roan – Perfect for Your Redhead

If you want a unique name for your son, Roan could be the ideal choice. Among equestrians, the term Roan is used to describe an evenly mixed pattern of white and colored hairs on a horse’s body. With a masculine and strong sound, the name Roan comes from the Gaelic name Rowan and actually means “little redhead.” As a fascinating fact, King Richard II of England’s favorite horse was Roan Barbary!

Ryder – A True Knight

This is one name which needs very little explanation. Ryder originates from the English language and means “rider,” “mounted warrior,” or “knight” – a perfect choice for any child. It is currently in the top 200 popular boys’ names, possibly because it’s commonly linked with the Disney character Flynn Ryder from “Tangled!”

Rhiannon – A Name for a Goddess

If you’re expecting a daughter and want a really beautiful name that inspires your little girl to grow up loving her steed, Rhiannon is a perfect choice. This was the name of a Welsh horse goddess – a character described to be wearing shining gold clothing and riding on a pale-colored horse. The name might be more commonly linked with the Fleetwood Mac song of the same name, but if you want a name with a softer tone but the same derivation, Rhianne or Rhianna could be ideal.

Rosalind – A Gentle Name

If you’re looking for a classically beautiful name for a little girl, Rosalind is perfect. Meaning “gentle horse” in its original Germanic language, this name takes the first part of the word, “hros,” from the Germanic word for horse while the second part, “linde” means tender or soft. This timeless name featured in Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It” and has a number of variant forms including Roslyn, Rosie, Rose, and Rosaline.

Elizabeth – A Historically Significant Choice

If you’re hoping your daughter will grow up to be a worthy equestrian, Elizabeth could be the right name to choose. There have been at least three women in equestrian history who have had a major role to play. Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Arden, and Elisabeth of Bavaria are all linked strongly with horsemanship (or horsewomanship!) Elizabeth takes the 13th spot for popular girls’ baby names, with variant forms including Lisabeth, Beth, and Elspeth.

Whichever name you select for your little one, you’re sure to share your passion for horses with your baby.

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