Sensational Saturday at Keeneland With Competitive Horse Racing Bettor Alexa Zepp


Alexa Zepp, a 27-year-old artist from Lawrence, Kansas, traveled to Keeneland in Lexington, Ky., for the Grade One Gamble betting/handicapping tournament April 15 that offered fantastic cash prizes as well as multiple berths to major handicapping tournaments later in the year.

Zepp has established a deep passion for horse racing in a short amount of time, having been introduced to the sport in 2018 by her husband, Blake Courtney, and quickly making a name for herself as a serious tournament competitor among horse racing’s top bettors. On the 2022 NHC Tour, Zepp racked up 10,108 points, which was good for 250th place out of 5,500 members on the tour.

Not only does Zepp love a good gamble, she also has ventured into the breeding and ownership side of horse racing by founding and setting up a new partnership syndicate called Haphazard Racing Inc. Zepp spent the last two years learning the ins and outs of horse breeding and ownership in Florida, Indiana, and Kentucky, and she calls the horse ownership experience, “the most thrilling part of it all for me.”

Zepp lost a few races and cashed in on a big winning ticket late in the Grade One Gamble at Keeneland, while allowing fans to experience with her the highs and lows of spending a day betting on horse racing.

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