Horse Racing’s Lesser-Known Jobs: Claiming a Racehorse


America's Best Racing is going full “insider” with our latest video series documenting the lesser-known jobs in horse racing. Sure, you may think this sport is all gambling, fashion, and nonstop fun, but it takes a lot of work to keep the Thoroughbred horse industry going.

Take, for instance, "claiming" a horse — better known as buying a racehorse. As ABR's Isabella Leslie shows us, plenty goes into this process of selling a racehorse out of a claiming race, and doing so in a way that's fair to all the interested parties.

Watch as Isabella is walked through the process by Tiffany Bourque, assistant racing secretary at Keeneland, including collecting claim slips, certifying the validity of those claims, and the “shake”: a lottery to choose which of the several bidders can buy one specific racehorse.

It's all here in the latest installment of Horse Racing Jobs!

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