Horse Racing Jobs: Moisture Readings on the Track


We at America’s Best Racing are completely obsessed with every part of horse racing. That includes the racehorses, the fashion, and the gambling, of course, but also the lesser-known aspects of our sport — the jobs that are essential to any horse racing event.

It’s why our own Isabella Leslie is hosting the latest ABR series, capturing the many (sometimes dirty) jobs that make our sport so special.

In this episode, Isabella is on the track with Jim Pendergest, the director of racing surfaces at Keeneland Race Course, as he shows us how to take a moisture reading.

This turf moisture reading is critical to making a “turf rating,” which are used by trainers to gauge how the surface will impact a horses’ performance as well as handicappers who will use that rating to compare with a racehorses’ previous races in order to make a bet.

It’s just one job in many that make the sport of horse racing the best it can possibly be!

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