#TheAction: Tracking Horses


So, we know that some horses run better at certain tracks, on specific surfaces and at preferred distances. But horses are a lot quirkier than that… Some of them are notoriously bad at breaking from the gate… which means they’re behind the eight-ball from the start… There are horses that need the lead, while others like to not only race from behind… they also want to be in the clear and don’t react well to kick-back. If you’re going to be a successful horseplayer, you’ve got to take note of all of these tendencies… On STATS Race Lens, you can not only take notes on specific horses… you can also take notes on the day’s races… and keep them for future reference.

Notes for an entire race card are entered by clicking on the Track Notes icon in the track header. Notes for a race are entered by clicking on the Race Notes icon in the race header. Notes for a horse are entered by clicking on the Horse Notes icon in the horse header. All notes can be viewed by clicking on the Horse Notes icon. A red notification badge with the number of notes available will be displayed in the Horse Notes icon when notes are available. Notes remain in place for future races when a horse races back. Click the Delete icon for a note if it is no longer needed.

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