#TheAction: Managing Angles on STATS Race Lens


With STATS Race Lens , you can highlight a bunch of key angles like trainers who are profitable going sprint to route, turf to dirt, dropping in class, and even just trainers who have been hot the last 30 days. STATS has angles for jockeys too, and the horses themselves — even angles related to their pedigree. You can also create your own new, customized angles. When one or more of those angles is matched in any race card, on any day, an ndicator with a number of matched angles will appear. From there, you can take a closer look at the race and decide if this is indeed the right spot to place a bet.

Besides the red indicator with the number of matched angles, there is also a green highlighted indicator and a red highlighted indicator. A green highlighted indicator indicates that at least one of the matched angles for the horse fits the positive angle parameters. A red highlighted indicator indicates that all of the matched angles for the horse fit the negative angle parameters. When mousing over the indicator, each individual angle will be highlighted in green or red, or not highlighted at all as per the angle parameters. To set the positive and negative angle parameters, click on the Manage Angles button on the home screen, then click on the Set Highlight Thresholds button. Set the minimum Success Score and minimum ROI for an angle to be highlighted as a positive angle. Set the maximum Success Score and maximum ROI for an angle to be highlighted as a negative angle. The default parameters for a positive angle are a Success Score >= 7.0 and an ROI >= -15. The default parameters for a negative angle are a Success Score <= 5.0 and an ROI <= -28.

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