#TheAction: Form Cycles


By keeping track of stats on trainers bringing their horses back off of layoffs… you’ll learn which horses are most likely to fire off a break. Often, a horse’s SECOND race off the layoff turns out to be its best race — with the trainer having used that FIRST race back to get come conditioning back into their horse. Some trainers actually like to get TWO races into their horses, so that the horse is cranked up for an optimal performance in the THIRD race of a form cycle… or their third race back from a long layoff…. …this is especially true with allowance and stakes runners… coming up to a big race. Using STATS Race Lens, you can use the research tool to identify trainer tendencies… and whether their horses run best off a layoff, second off the layoff, or their third race back.

The Modify Template screen in Individual Research is the section to use to identify a trainer's record with layoff horses. The Days Between Starts drop down menu, in the Ranges section, has the options available to select: 1st After Layoff (+45), 2nd After Layoff, 3rd After Layoff.

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