#TheAction: Finding Value in A Short Price


So, you’ve spent all this time handicapping, watching replays, preparing your bets… and you look up and your horse is 3-to-5… NOPE… Not gonna make that win bet. So, what do we do? Option 1: Skip the race. Option 2: Find another way to bet it. If you have a strong feeling about another horse in the race, the logical play is an exacta. But make sure that the probable payout for your exacta is worth the added risk of the bet. If you like a horse in the next race, playing a double might be the best way to get more than 3-to-5 on your horse. Again, make sure the projected return is worth the investment.

One way to take the exacta approach for a top choice underlay using STATS Race Lens is to key the horse in an exacta box with each of the overlays. For example, if the top choice has Adjusted True Odds of 7/5, but the Live Odds are 1/1, the horse isn't worth a win bet since it is an underlay. If some of the other horses in the race are highlighted in yellow as overlays, it can be profitable to exacta box the even money horse with each of the overlays, especially if they are large overlays.

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