#TheAction: Demanding a Price


Handicapping a race is only part of the challenge… most players would argue the harder part is formulating your bets. Your first step should be one that we’ve covered over and over again on The Action… Identify horses who represent value… and who are worth betting. Now, how are you going to bet them? Keeping it simple with a win bet, win-place bet or win-place-show bet is always advisable WHEN the odds are right. But don’t force it… if you’re getting too short a price on your horse, you have to pass… If you need THE ACTION… I’ll show you how can you still get it… next week on THE ACTION.

The Adjusted True Odds column in the True Odds module for STATS Race Lens highlights potential overlays in yellow. Initially these overlays are comparing the Adjusted True Odds to the Morning Line Odds. When the Live Odds are available, the Adjusted True Odds are compared to the Live Odds. Waiting until close to post time and betting to win on the overlays, or the overlays that have the best chance to win, is a good strategy.

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