#TheAction: The Program


Basic Action: The first thing to do when you sit down to study a race program is to consider the race factors or conditions of the race. The basic questions to ask at the start of each race analysis are: What’s the distance of the race? What’s the surface? What’s the class level, or quality of the competition in the race?

Advanced Action: Once you’ve identified the answers to the above questions (all of the information is listed at the top of the program for each race on any particular day), you can then begin to assess each horse’s chances of winning. Logically, you can start off by assigning a rating to each horse based on how well they've run at the distance, over the surface and at the particular class level that applies to the current race being analyzed. Once there's been a value assigned to each horse in the race based on the above factors, the person analyzing the race has a baseline with which to compare the contenders. 

Next week on #TheAction we’ll begin to weigh each of the factors outlined in the racing program or past performances and start to uncover the type of information that will help us identify winners.

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