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The story of my horsemanship journey has looked a lot like this: a horse enters my life typically for an intended purpose such as to train for a specific competitive discipline, and as I truly listen to them and commit myself to solving their unique challenges, they take me down a very different and unexpected path. Just because the horse is “doing” the job doesn’t mean that it is the right one for them to stay sound and happy for their career. I like to think of the “round peg, square hole” analogy for this explanation.

After Entangle and her colt left, I started a new job and decided that it was time to try working with yearlings. I did not mind working with teenage horses, but I did not get the same buzz as teaching babies the ABCs of being a good horse.

As you read through this month’s update, there are two ways to look at things. One way is that, several months into my Makeover journey, I have spent a lot of time with several top vets and may still not have any horses to take to the Makeover. The other way is that I may end up choosing between THREE wonderful horses. I’m choosing the latter because, in spite of the many ups and downs so far, we’ve ended up better than expected time and again.

Sometimes I think I am cursed.

OK, I know this year has been less than stellar for everyone, but lately it seems like I can’t catch a break. I actually had someone say to me “Wow, your year has REALLY been bad.” Yeah, you don’t say…

Everyone who owns a horse has a story of how, where, and when their first best friend came into their life. My story started six years ago.

Growing up in the metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan, I was familiar with a very different kind of horsepower. Every year, a pony was at the top of my Christmas list, and it seemed that a pony was just too big to fit in Santa’s sleigh. After many years of persistence, on my 13th birthday, my parents finally got me the next-best thing, riding lessons.

This fueled my love, and that was when I knew I would pursue a career with horses.

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