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We are coming down to the wire! The Makeover is quickly approaching and I’m beginning to feel the pressure and excitement of all we have been working for.

This month’s New Vocations rehab update (click here for the first installment) shows the ups and downs of retired racehorse rehabilitation with one of our subjects going to a new home and the other having a setback.

July marks the fifth month of Carlos’ re-training. A lot has happened in these few months, and we have both learned so much! Our challenges have been many and, although we have worked out most issues, we still have a very long way to go!

To be honest, I had a lot of hesitation sitting down to write this blog post. After our experience at the horse show, I felt that I had nothing new to report. And up until a week ago, I was convinced I would be writing about overcoming injury, every horse girl’s worst nightmare. Looking back on this month after some of the massive milestones we experienced in months’ previous, I got anxious thinking that the Makeover is quickly approaching, and nothing stood out!

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