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As we all continue our retraining journey with our Thoroughbred Makeover potentials, there is still one thing that lingers on my mind … what discipline will I enter?

The Thoroughbred Makeover makes it so enjoyable and easily geared toward whatever your horses needs might be. Historically, I have competed in Dressage, Show Hunter, and Competitive Trail. However, this year the more I ride and train with Goldie, the more unsure I become about what I should choose. 

This year, America’s Best Racing and the Retired Racehorse Project will be sharing diaries from several trainers preparing for the 2023 Thoroughbred Makeover competition, scheduled for Oct. 11-14 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Meet adult amateur rider Julianne Pangal and her RRP hopeful, Funnee, as they gear up for their maiden voyage to the Thoroughbred Makeover.

The constant hustle and bustle of the racing industry is what propels it forward. Each year, a new select set of 3-year-olds begin their journey to the Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs for a chance at glory on a national stage – one which last week garnered the biggest audience on NBC Sports since the Super Bowl.

Listening to the needs of our horses is one of the most important things we can do as owners, riders, and trainers. As humans, sometimes we get caught up in our ambitions and goals, but riding is a team sport and the needs of the horse have to be considered above our wants and desires.

“Let’s go, girls!” Shania’s voice rang out as Pied and I came to a stop, running into the indoor at the Kentucky Horse Park during our Freestyle routine at the 2021 Mega-Makeover. This was a targeted choice, as not only was Shania Twain’s CD one of the first I ever purchased, but if you are a millennial, there is a good chance she basically raised you. Let’s also not forget she is a fellow horse enthusiast! From “That Don’t Impress Me Much” to “Any Man of Mine,” the standards she taught us to hold were certainly the highest… who is Brad Pitt anyway? We’ll get back to this.

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