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Sometimes I think I am cursed.

OK, I know this year has been less than stellar for everyone, but lately it seems like I can’t catch a break. I actually had someone say to me “Wow, your year has REALLY been bad.” Yeah, you don’t say…

Everyone who owns a horse has a story of how, where, and when their first best friend came into their life. My story started six years ago.

Growing up in the metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan, I was familiar with a very different kind of horsepower. Every year, a pony was at the top of my Christmas list, and it seemed that a pony was just too big to fit in Santa’s sleigh. After many years of persistence, on my 13th birthday, my parents finally got me the next-best thing, riding lessons.

This fueled my love, and that was when I knew I would pursue a career with horses.

It has been an exciting few weeks since we last checked in with Mr. Park. I got the “all clear” to ride in a stirrup since they made a carbon fiber insert for my riding boots. I am now eight weeks post-break to my foot, and the hardware they installed during surgery has proven to be a great choice for a quick recovery. So, finally the adventures of Mr. Park finally got headed in the right direction!

As a mounted police officer it is a privilege to be able to interact with the public and bring my love of horses to work with me, although it is no small feat to create a trusting partnership and “bomb-proof” equine partner. 

Staying positive throughout everything happening in the world can be difficult. When your horses decide they want to be BFFs with the team at Hagyard, it can be even harder. This has been another month of ups, downs, curveballs, and not much riding. After the gauntlet that has been the last few months, my new theory is that if I target the Makeover with three or more horses, I might make it with one.

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