How Horse Racing Enthusiasts Can Plan Ahead for a Future Trip to New Zealand

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Horse racing in New Zealand. (Wikimedia Commons)

We all needed a break from 2020 and thankfully, the calendar has turned. Of course, concerns about the current state of global health affairs are still in the back of our minds. The good news is that a light seems to be at the end of a very long tunnel thanks to the introduction of several vaccines. This is why many horse racing enthusiasts are looking forward to attending live events in the coming year. However, what if you plan on visiting New Zealand in order to simply "get away from it all’? There are several ways in which you can truly enjoy all that this country has to offer while still keeping up to date with your hobby. Let's take a look at some useful suggestions to keep in mind.

Address Logistics from the Beginning

New Zealand is home to some of the most famous racetracks in existence. Thanks to rather agreeable weather throughout the year, the chances are high that you can plan on visiting at least one competition during your stay. This is why you will need to take the location of your hotel into account. Also, examine public transportation options as well as any possible fees that you will be required to pay. We have provided you with this short list of the top racetracks so that you can become familiar with the options:

  • Cromwell Race Course
  • Arawa Park Race Course
  • Ellerslie Race Course
  • Gore Race Course
  • Foxton Race Course

Be sure to look at the itineraries of each, as schedules tend to be announced months in advance of the events themselves.

Take Internet Access Into Account

New Zealand offers nearly universal Internet coverage unless you plan on visiting the more rural locations. Still, it is wise to remain connected to the online community. Not only is this the best way to keep in contact with friends and family members back home, but you can also research the best online casino New Zealand provides based off of your personal tastes.

Visit During a Lull in the Tourist Season

When is the best time to consider visiting New Zealand? This is a rather subjective question, as the nation is known for its agreeable temperatures throughout the year. However, also remember that prices associated with airfare will tend to rise during the height of the tourist season. As New Zealand is located within the Southern Hemisphere, the peak tourist season occurs between September and March. It could therefore make more sense to outline a trip that takes place during summertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

While New Zealand horse racing will provide memories to last a lifetime, always remember that this island is also known for its stunning beaches and pristine natural beauty. Planning ahead is therefore the best way to ensure that you get the most out of what an upcoming journey has in store.

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