The Pageantry and Grandeur of Breeders’ Cup Fashion

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From a racing fan resplendent in purple hair, left, to a vintage look, right, the fashion of the Breeders’ Cup World Championships never disappoints. (Julie June Stewart photo)

The grandeur of the Breeders’ Cup brings out the best of people’s fashion choices. The focus is purple.  Royal purple. And when you see a crowd of people wearing royal purple, it’s a plethora of fantastic fashion statements and photo opportunities.

Bill and Nancy Babich from Denver, Colo. (Julie June Stewart photo)

Horse racing folks have lots of great horse racing-themed clothing stashed in their closets and jewelry boxes. There is no better place to wear it than at the track! Darlene Smith was sitting on a park bench just after sunrise doing her handicapping. She is wearing a striking horse head brooch that she purchased from a friend who made it. She says it’s her good luck charm.

Men are also looking sharp wearing horse racing-themed ties. Bill and Nancy Babich from Denver, Colorado are so excited to be here. Bill is sporting a horse racing tie that he purchased at Santa Anita.  Nearby, Ric from Bakersfield, Calif. is wearing his Breeders’ cup tie with a sporty fedora. 

As the weather changed in the morning hours, I started noticing women wearing extremely classy shawls. Joellen and Kelly are from Spokane, Wash. and had purchased their Merino wool throws, decorated with a horse snaffle bit pattern, at the Breeders’ Cup shop. They were perfect for the bit of chill that the weather brought.

I love seeing vintage fashion at the track! It’s snazzy and often spectacular. When it’s teamed with purple or lavender hair, it’s a spectacular choice!  Judy Steinberg from Los Angeles is wearing a cherished Michael Simon horse racing shirt that was given to her. It features embroidered horses and riders along a fence. It is a real treasure and a work of art.

Perhaps the best accessory of all is the proud dad holding his daughter, Scarlet Alpi, from Diamond Bar, Calif. She is a vision in Breeders’ Cup purple, and people are encouraging dad to enter his daughter in the Longines fashion contest. I would most certainly give her the “best turned out” award for the day.

Scarlet Alpi from Florida with her proud dad. (Julie June Stewart photo)

As I headed toward the track, I met Kit from Winter Haven, Fla. Kit was resplendent in a horse racing-themed scarf that featured the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup. It’s truly a work of art.

The best part of the Breeders’ Cup is noticing all the details. Horseshoe rings, horse-head earrings, Hermes scarves, vintage outfits, classy ties, sharp fedoras, and fascinators with dancing feathers. It all adds to the aura and ambiance of the Breeders’ Cup. There is no finer color than royal purple to highlight the pageantry and grandeur of the event. 

I have an entire section of my closet devoted to Breeders’ Cup clothing. I augment the purple theme with lavender, magenta, lilac, mauve, plum, violet, amethyst, and mulberry prints combined with gold accents. I have even purchased snazzy, purple glasses just to wear at the Breeders’ Cup. It’s part of the fun!  I can’t wait to watch the crowds to see what people are wearing! World-class horses, fashion, celebrities, and fun … it’s a glorious combination! 

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