Creative Uses Horse People Found for 16 Everyday Items

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Photo by Eclipse Sportswire

Have you ever wondered why a horse person seems to love something like cornstarch or cotton? These are just two items on a long list of things horse people have learned to utilize creatively. From knowing what the perfect solution is to keeping a horse’s wound clean to the best way to clean tack, there’s no doubt people in the equine industry have learned to be crafty with items you use around the house every day.  

1) Listerine – The same item that is used to give you fresh smelling breath is also good to use on horses … as a way to get rid of funguses and dandruff. 

2) Diapers – Many people joke that horses are just big kids and this is never truer than when they wear diapers. But unlike the human variety of kids, the diapers are used as bandages on hooves and other areas.

Photo courtesy of WikiCommons/National Media Museum

3) WD40 – “Civilians” use this for their cars but for horse people, it is a handy way to detangle a matted mane or tail in addition to getting burrs or other annoying weeds off the horse.

4) Cornstarch - The same product you use in the kitchen has many different uses on horses, one of which is making mud easier to remove after it dries. 

Photo by WikiCommons/Baminnick

5) Shoe polish – Just like people have to polish their shoes, sometimes horses have to polish their hooves. After all, they have to look their best on race day! 

6) Toothbrushes – You may only use toothbrushes to clean your teeth but for horse people, they have so many more uses! They are great for cleaning tack, clippers, and anything else that may not be able to get clean enough with just a rag.

Photo by WikiCommons/Poulpy

8) Toothpaste – Another bathroom item that comes in handy is toothpaste, the same thing that keeps your teeth sparkling white also helps silver get its shine back. 

9) Electrical tape – Just like around the house, electrical tape has many different uses in the horse world … including keeping bandages on horses who may not be a big fan of having their legs wrapped. 

Photo by WikiCommons/Javier Eduturcios

10) Hot sauce – Just like humans, horses have many different tastes. Horse people use hot sauce to discourage horses from doing many different things from chewing on fences and stall doors in addition to using it as a handy tool to keep them from eating bandages. 

11) Shop vacuum- Used to clean up work areas and even the inside of cars, shop vacs are also handy at cleaning horses. Don’t want to get horse hair everywhere during shedding season? Shop vacuums are the perfect solution! 

Photo by WikiCommons/Christoph Michels

12) Vick’s VapoRub – While humans use this to make themselves feel better while sick, horse people use this to distract horses. Vick’s can be used to keep a colt’s attention on the track when around fillies or to make the introduction to a new friend a little bit easier.

13) Beer – We all like to knock back a few beers with friends on a Friday night and not surprisingly, horses also enjoy a few alcoholic beverages. However, this also has a therapeutic effect as beer can help a horse sweat. And hey, if it’s good enough for Kentucky Derby runners Tapit and Musket Man, it’s good enough for everyone! 

Photo by Eclipse Sportswire

14) Cotton – Cotton balls have many everyday uses but have you ever thought of using them to block out sound? Some trainers use cotton balls as earplugs for their horses, with Horse of the Year Zenyatta often being photographed with her ear gear. Another thing used as earplugs for horses? Tampons. 

15) Epsom salts – While Epsom salts are touted to help hangovers and as a beauty staple, they are an essential for horse people as they help to bring hoof abscesses to the surface in horses. Abscesses are painful and cause horses to miss valuable training time, so it’s obvious why Epsom salts are in such high demand.

16) Oil and vinegar – it’s not just for salad! A little bit of baby oil can be added to bathwater to bring out the shine in a horse’s coat, and white vinegar works wonders on removing stubborn stains from horses.

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