Horse Lover’s Guide to Staying Inside, Part 3

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Hi again! If you’re looking for more horsey indoor entertainment right now, I’m here to help! If you’re here for the first time, welcome! This is the third installment of our Horse Lover’s Guide to Staying Inside; you can check out part one right here and part two (all books!) right here. With no further ado, here are my recommendations for horse lovers who are stuck indoors for the foreseeable future:

YouTube channels to check out:

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame: If you love horses, you’re going to love this channel. It’s packed with biographies of the greatest Thoroughbreds, trainers, and jockeys in America’s history, and you can get lost for hours learning the stories of legends.

Sam Van Fleet: Have you ever wanted to train your horse to do tricks? If your horse lives at home, here’s your chance! Sam’s videos are short, easy to understand, and make the training fun for both you and your horse.

SmartPak’s “If Horses Were People” playlist: This is seriously one of my favorite YouTube series. If you love horses, you’re going to belly laugh at this recurring sketch.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West: If you love horses, art, nature, American history, conservation, Native American culture, or cowboys, this is the YouTube channel for you.

Instagram channels for your consideration:

@VisitHorseCountry: If you need a relaxing moment, follow Horse Country. You’ll see beautiful farms, adorable baby Thoroughbreds and their mothers, and so much more. Be sure to check out their archived Instagram stories – I especially love their Virtual Tour set!

@BreedersCup: Horse racing’s World Championships’ feed is full of top-notch horses, fashion, and (right now, at least) foals!

@MouseTheMascot: She’s a miniature horse that went from an abusive situation to being the pampered mascot of Tampa Bay Downs. Trust me, you’re going to want to follow this sassy, sweet mini as she goes on adventures and models adorable costumes.

@CherryWineThoroughbred: Once a Triple Crown hopeful, Cherry Wine is now excelling in his second career as a jumper. He’s not only beautiful, he’s also a bit of a goofball, so be prepared to fall in love.

@ZLEquestrian: If you’re interested in training horses, you’re going to love this account. Zoey Luna is an incredible rider, and she takes completely green horses and has them jumping like schoolmasters in no time.

@WesternHorseman: Love the cowboy life? Follow Western Horseman for everything you’re looking for when it comes to tack, training, and the cowboy way.

@TBAftercare: Ever wondered if a retired racehorse would be right for you? This account shows off-the-track Thoroughbreds excelling in every single career you can think of, from Western Pleasure to therapy horses to eventing.

Resources for Children:

Foal Patrol: If you have children (or just want to learn more about horses yourself!) the Foal Patrol education page is an incredible resource for those stuck inside.

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s STEM programming: Have a child who’s interested in horses? This packet, free to download, is incredibly fun and informative, covering everything from Punnett Squares to a day in the life of a Thoroughbred. This is geared toward third-graders, but I think kids of all ages will have fun and learn a lot from this incredible resource.

Movies and TV:

There were a lot of movies in the first part of this series, but I definitely missed a few! Here are some more horse films and where to stream them:

Casey’s Shadow – Amazon Prime: Can a beloved underdog horse named Casey’s Shadow win a million-dollar race to bring his trainer’s family fame and fortune? This movie is an oldie but goodie.

The Cup – Amazon Prime: The true story of jockey Damian Oliver, his love for his brother Jason, and his ride in the 2002 Melbourne Cup.

Dark Horse – Amazon Prime: This documentary tells the story about a small Welsh mining village who banded together to breed a racehorse named Dream Alliance. A working-class horse owned by working-class people, Dream Alliance would go on to do astonishing things at the racetrack. 

Hidalgo – Amazon Prime: How did I leave this movie out in the first installment of this series?! Hidalgo is the story of Frank Hopkins, a cowboy working in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, his horse Hidalgo, and their quest to win a dangerous long-distance horse race though the Arabian desert.

Man from Snowy River – Hulu: Thanks @cwk2trotfan for the recommendation! When Jim Craig’s father dies, he has to go work on a ranch. Though he has no respect from his fellow ranch hands, he and the ranch owner’s daughter fall in love while training a valuable colt together. When an expensive stallion goes missing, Jim is blamed; can he restore his honor and marry the woman he loves?

Umamusume Pretty Derby -  Crunchyroll: Thanks to @ThePuckHag for this recommendation! An anime for horse lovers, great racehorses of the past have the chance to be reborn as human “horse girls” and train to compete for fame and fortune.

Watch it now:

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere

This documentary short explores the story of Haru Urara, a Japanese racehorse with pink Hello Kitty blinkers and a losing streak that inspired an entire nation. Honestly, this is one of my favorite movies ever:

This isn’t a movie, per se, but it’s a cool watch!

Huge hat tip to TVG, who made this outstanding documentary about jockey Joe Talamo:

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