Helping Orphaned Foals, Outer Banks Ponies, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Trust me, you are going to want to check out this bull who thinks he’s a showjumping horse. (Good News Network)

Meet the new wild horse filly just born on North Carolina’s Outer Banks! (OBX Today)

A little girl battling cancer is getting support from a miniature horse named Idaho, and it’s so sweet. (Item Live)

Meet the South Dakota man whose lifelong dream came true on Kentucky Derby day. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Trust me, you’re going to want to read this one. When a Thoroughbred foal was orphaned, former Eastern Washington running back Tim Floyd didn’t hesitate to do everything in his power to help; and now, he’s written a book about the experience! (SWX Right Now

Do you love horses, fishing, and not letting anyone put Baby in the corner? Then this horse farm that was designed for Patrick Swayze is waiting for you! (KSAT)   

Congratulations to equestrians in Minnesota – they just got their first non-profit that helps kids who don’t own horses compete in shows! (KEYC)

*Liz Lemon voice* I want to go to there:

Tag somebody who loves this sound!

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For those of you who *do* own horses, this article has some very good information on equine chiropractors. (Horse Talk New Zealand)

EEK. Here’s what to do if (ugh!) a skunk sprays your horse. There’s been one hanging around the barn where I ride, so I’m definitely going to pass this article along to my trainer. (The Horse)

I’m loving the profiles on people who bought microshares in Kentucky Derby winner Authentic! This family from the Cumberland area bought in on a whim while driving through Kentucky’s horse country. (Cumberland Times-News)

Ever wanted to adopt a horse? This guide gives the why and how! (Santa Maria Times

I’m a horse and history nerd who grew up in Ocala, Fla., so I’m all about these Florida Thoroughbred History Moments! (Paulick Report

This is a great piece in which Ray Daniels, co-owner of Kentucky Derby runner Necker Island, talks about the run for the roses, diversity in racing, and more with his alma mater. (Catawba College)

Look, if the wild ponies want to get to the Outer Banks beaches, they’re not going to let a little thing like a fence meant to keep out wild ponies stop them. (Charlotte Observer

John Cherwa of the Los Angeles Times looks at the finale of the longest Triple Crown season in history and a whole lot more in the racing world. (Los Angeles Times

I cannot improve upon this headline: “Dogs, cats, turtles and a horse that had a career at Medieval Times turn out for pet blessings”. And, yes, there are pictures and they are wonderful. (Catholic Review

Have you ever wanted to own a wild horse without taking one from nature? Artist Michael Middleton is incorporating their hair into his pottery. (Outer Banks Voice)

Chestnut mares gonna chestnut mare. 

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