Antique Carriages, a Robo-Pony, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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This is so cool! Scientists have long believed that horses evolved from having five toes to three, two of which are vestigial and one acting as the hoof. However, one biologist has just discovered that equine embryos still have five toes for an incredibly short period of time. (New York Times)

"The Pale Horse" isn’t one of Agatha Christie’s best-known works, but did it anticipate a real-life murder? (Inside Hook)

This is my version of heaven:

If you’re a horseback rider, you’ll enjoy this four-point checklist to make sure you’ve adequately warmed up your steed. (FEI)

RIP Calypso, Australia’s oldest horse who just passed away at the grand old age of 50. (

Thank you to the OP for telling it like it is:

The "Dream Horse" director hopes his movie will resonate with people far beyond the setting of Wales. (IndieWire

Pretty! Step inside Ocala, Fla.’s Grand Oaks Classic and Derby to see antique carriages pulled by stunning horses and ponies. (WCJB)

Meet Thomas Goldsmith, your brand-new NHC champion and Horseplayer of the Year! (Paulick Report

A historic Thoroughbred farm in New Jersey is now a training center for a different kind of runner. (RunnerSpace)

I definitely learned something from this: Here are five things you’ll never find in an equine vet’s barn. (The Horse

Grab your tissues before you read this incredible story of a rescue horse and her unshakable bond with Allie Pennington, a young woman battling a rare joint disease. (KOMO News)

Meet the artists behind the Painted Ponies Art Walk, a fundraiser for the Carolina Horse Park. (The Pilot)

The Cumbrian fell pony was once a crucial partner of working life in the U.K.’s Lake District; now, however, the breed is on the verge of extinction. Meet the people who are fighting to see the ponies thrive in the 21st century. (BBC)

I… what? But also: Gimme. Apparently My Little Pony and Transformers are getting a crossover comic book miniseries, and it’s like all of my childhood Saturday morning cartoon dreams are coming true. (GeekTyrant)

If something can be simultaneously adorable and terrifying, then that’s Butterscotch, the robo-pony who greeted visitors to a recent hackerspace event. (Hackaday)

Big, big, big Monday mood:

Is anyone else ready for an afternoon nap??

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