Ten Things to Know on California Chrome’s Birthday

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Eight years ago today, a little chestnut colt was born who would make history: California Chrome would go on to win the 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, become a two-time Horse of the Year, and win the 2016 Dubai World Cup.

To celebrate, we asked Taylor Made Stallions 10 questions about how they celebrate California Chrome’s birthday. 

1. How did you celebrate Chrome’s birthday last year?

Chrome’s birthday is always a big celebration! Last year, one of his biggest fans, Marianne Malczewski, brought him (aka, the Taylor Made crew) a cake with his face on it! He got plenty of treats, birthday cards from his fans, and visitors that week!

2. Any plans for this year?

Same sort of thing, Marianne is already in town again this year! We love how enthusiastic she is, she always makes sure he has the VIP fan treatment! Also, guests who tour on his birthday get a free piece of birthday cake during their tour! 

3. Does he have any special treats that are his favorite?

Oh yeah – he’s picky! When Chrome first arrived at the farm, I went out to the barn with a bag full of peppermints, carrots, apples, trying to see what he liked so I could have it ready for our tour guests and take some photos of his arrival with his treats for social media. We try to be active on social media so his fans can keep up. He didn’t really act like he wanted any of that, but I wanted to get a photo so, I lined his stall with the treats, took his picture, posted it online, and I soon learned that Chrome ONLY eats Mrs. Pastures Cookies. His fans let me know quick … so from then on, we have Mrs. Pastures available all the time!

4. What is he like to be around?

He’s really smart, a great horse. He loves attention from humans and it’s incredible how alert he is … he knows he’s the man.

5. Does he have any funny habits?

Well, lately he’s really into fashion. A couple of ladies who’ve toured and have been wearing scarves have caught Chrome’s attention and he’s tried to steal their scarf from them. Haha.

6. Does he get birthday cards or presents from fans?

Oh yeah, every holiday Chrome receives cards and treats. It’s awesome! We always try to send thank you [notes] to the sender and take photos of Chrome with his gifts. This year, he had some competition. Kentucky Chrome — his mini me and the Taylor Made mascot) received some Valentine’s Day love as well — big Chrome better watch out!

7. What’s the coolest fan present Chrome’s ever received?

Probably a brand-new winter blanket with his name embroidered on it — that was a pretty cool one!

8. What’s the farthest place a present has ever come from?

From all over, there’s a fan in Canada that sends treats often.

9. Do his foals carry any of his personality quirks?

They all seem pretty personable. Especially Colerful Bride 18. She’s the “People’s Horse” foal. She has had lots of human interaction since birth, so she especially is really nice to be around and loves all the attention.

10. How can fans visit California Chrome?

You can visit him daily by booking a farm tour at www.visithorsecountry.com. We even have a special tour through June 2019 called “The California Chrome Experience,” where guests get to meet him, his brand new foals, and his first ever yearlings. It also includes dinner at Daddy Joe’s Bar and Grill and a souvenir glass! It’s a great tour, fans have rated it 5 Stars on Trip Advisor! If you love Chrome, it’s a must-do!

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