Miniature Horse Bonanza, Saratoga Fan Initiatives, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Famed horse whisperer Monty Roberts is holding a special clinic for veterans, and that’s a wonderful thing. (KEYT 3)

If you’re a Florida horse owner, Ocala has hurricane shelters ready for your equine! (Ocala Star Banner)

There’s a horse racing game in Las Vegas that’s withstanding the test of time. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Montana farmers are going old-school, using horses to harvest hay. (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

Pennsylvania residents, you can adopt a miniature horse (named Waffles!) and her BFF, a goose named Hemmingway. (WESH)

This is absolutely hilarious:


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Two initiatives are getting fans closer to racehorses in Saratoga. (Paulick Report)

A 70-year-old Idaho man just achieved my biggest dream: winning the world’s longest horse race, the Mongol Derby. (The Spokesman-Review)

How great is this? Cerebra Innovation Center is using 3D printing technology to make a custom riding helmet for a special needs child. (TCT Magazine)

Ooooh! Scientists are answering the real questions now: here’s why dogs and horses roll on their backs. (New Scientist)

I love this! A 99-year-old grandmother just took her very first horseback ride. (

This is adorable:

I really love this article about how the late Marylou Whitney essentially saved Saratoga. (Paulick Report)

A miniature service horse was spotted on an airplane from Chicago to Omaha. I love that minis are being recognized for the helpful little friends that they are! (ABC 7 Chicago)

So just how much does it cost to compete in the elite Hamptons Classic horse show? The numbers are pretty incredible. (New York Times)

Here’s a tiny foal playing with a miniature donkey, since you deserve nice things:

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