Horses Can Smile, the Amazing Gaudets, and More Must-Click Links of the Week

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Welcome to our link roundup, where we share our favorite stories from around the Internet! Know a link that should be included? Email it to!

We’re very excited to partner with Old Smoke Clothing! Seriously, they have the coolest racing T-shirts! (Forbes)

This is a must read: Lexington, Ky. native Price Bell is sharing his ultimate guide to Horse Country. (Share the Lex)

Speaking of Lexington, how cool is it to see Kentucky on a bucket list of travel destinations that includes places like Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong? (Maxim)

Meet the awesomely-named Hammer’s Terror, who’s heading to the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover after seven – seven! – seasons of racing. What a cool warhorse he is! (Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance)

Horse racing lost a wonderful person when Phyllis Wyeth passed away, and Steve Haskin has a wonderful reflection of her legacy. (BloodHorse)

Here’s a little bit of adorable to make your Monday brighter:

This is crucial information for food fans: here’s how to visit every single Kentucky challenge location in “Top Chef 16.” (USA Today)

Science just proved what I already knew in my heart: horses can smile! (The Horse)

Apparently there’s only one Sigma Derby game left in Las Vegas, so go play it while you can! (Atlas Obscura)

Here’s how the Pegasus World Cup is giving horse racing a cool new spin by combining the sport with Miami’s nightlife scene. (Forbes)

BRB, moving to the Bay Area so I can spend all of my time volunteering for this miniature horse rescue. (Mercury News)

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has a horse that’ll be running in the Grand National! (Insert “Wild Horses” pun of your choosing here.) (CNN)

I said it on Twitter and I’ll repeat it here: if I tried this, my entire skeleton would be broken in 15 seconds.

The Gaudet family is full of horse racing powerhouses: Linda Gaudet and her daughters Lacey and Gabby are all shining stars of the industry. (BloodHorse)

The weather has been absolutely bonkers this winter, so the Racing Post has a social media roundup of the best cold-weather photos. Enjoy! (Racing Post)

I would do almost anything to go see the White Turf in person. Look how pretty!

Oooh, science! A “speed gene” has been isolated in Thoroughbreds that can help determine if a racehorse will be successful at short, middle, or long distances. (Irish Examiner)

I will never get tired of talking about skijoring, the crazy sport that somehow combines skiing and horse racing and obstacle courses. (Shakopee Valley News)

Get ready to join me in righteous indignation because this list of the top ten horse movies is all wrong, y’all. How are you going to put Seabiscuit in the #9 position?! And don’t even get me started on the movie ranked #1. (Screen Rant)

Meet Cobra, a formerly wild Mustang who just won the National Horse of the Year Award from the U.S. Equestrian Federation. (Tallahassee Democrat)

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