Five Breeders’ Cup Treats to Make for National Dessert Day

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Two of my favorite things in the world are horse racing and baking, so this is a dream assignment for me! If you want to celebrate National Dessert Day with some on-theme recipes, here are some of my favorites.

1. Breeders’ Cupcakes

Make your cupcakes perfect for horse racing’s world championships by adding some purple and gold frosting. There’s a demo in the video above, but there’s really no wrong way to do this. As for cupcake recipes, this is my favorite for chocolate and this is my go-to vanilla. But don’t stop there – a spiced cupcake is perfect for fall, and carrot cake is a perfect nod to horse and human tastebuds. Or use whatever your favorite flavors are - after all, there are no wrong answers in dessert!

2. Plum tarts

What could be more delicious and simply satisfying than a plum tart? This recipe calls for just three ingredients, which means it’s about as easy as you can get. Plus, the purple of the plums and the gold of the crust makes for an ideal Breeders’ Cup dessert.

3. Frost some horse cookies with royal icing

I find this sort of thing to be meditative since it’s repetitive and precise; if that’s not for you, I totally get that. If it is, grab a horsehead cookie cutter and go to town with your favorite shortbread or gingerbread cookie recipe and some royal icing. If you mess up, that’s just one more cookie that you get to eat!

4. No-bake horse cookies

Don’t have the time or inclination to bake and decorate your own cookies? These are a super cute and easy way to celebrate National Dessert Day and horses without the work.

5. Make a sorbet bombe for a visually and deliciously stunning dessert

Unfortunately (and somewhat ironically) I don’t have an image for this raspberry-mango sorbet bombe, but it’s such an easy and beautiful dessert. Again, the colors are evocative of the Breeders’ Cup’s signature hues, and the result is divine. Just layer raspberry and mango sorbets to create a dome of deliciousness.

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