Fifteen Horses in Costumes for National Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Peter van der Sluijs

Horse people are the best – they never let an opportunity to show off their equine BFF pass by, so we wanted to celebrate some of the greatest horse costumes we’ve seen for National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Horse triceratops! Horseratops? Anyway, this is awesome:

This Avatar costume is unreal:

Happy Halloween

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This flower and bumblebee combo is adorable:

I’m living for this unicorn:

This big bad wolf is actually pretty scary, so well done, humans!

If you thought you didn’t need a miniature horse foal dressed as a scarecrow in your life, you thought wrong:

Love this fireman and Dalmatian combo!

This is beyond cool!

Love love love love love this – the details are amazing!

Hats off to this horse owner, who really got the details right!

That sheep is huge.

Who doesn’t love a Pegasus police horse?

This rocking horse is a childhood dream come to life:

Snoopy and Charlie Brown!


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