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Voting has closed: Tune in to americasbestracing.net to watch the Fan Choice Awards show on Thursday, Dec. 19!

Do you have strong opinions on who deserves awards in horse racing this year? Thanks to a collaboration between America’s Best Racing and the Secretariat Vox Populi Award, your voice will be heard this November!

The awards were created to provide a fun and interactive process that allows fans to let the racing industry know what they think about a variety of topics, from the best racecourse food to the most popular horse. America’s Best Racing wants to hear from you about everything racing-related this November.

Voting for the inaugural America’s Best Racing Fan Choice Awards opens on Nov. 6, just a few days after the Breeders’ Cup, and closes on Nov. 20 at AmericaBestRacing.net. Fans will be able to vote in 12 different categories, from the best race-related events to the best radio show or podcast and everything in between.

Wondering what awards you’ll be voting on this winter? Check out our list below!

Secretariat Vox Populi Horse of 2019

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Vox Populi is the “Horse of the Year” award voted on by fans. Known as the “Voice of the People” award, the Vox Populi was first awarded to Zenyatta in 2010 and winners since then include two-time winner California Chrome, Triple Crown victor American Phaorah, the great Australian mare Winx, and Rapid Redux, who won 22 straight races.

Best Race of 2019

There have been many memorable finishes in 2019, from duels down the stretch to runaway victories. We want to know which race was your favorite this year – do you favor close finishes or are you more impressed by a 10-length romp?

Best Trainer of 2019

Which trainer has caught your attention for their accomplishments this year? Are you going with the trainer who swept the Grade 1s on a big race day or do results at the Breeders’ Cup play more to your liking? There are many ways you can go when voting for this award and we can’t wait to see your choice!

Best Jockey of 2019

Good jockeys get the best out of their mounts and this award gives you a chance to show your appreciation for your favorite jockey in 2019. Did they win a Triple Crown race this year or just consistently provide you with winning scores every time you bet? Reward them with the Best Jockey award.

Vote for your favorite track in multiple categories. (Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing)

Best Racetrack to Watch a Race

Do you have a racetrack that towers all over when it comes to watching a race? Good sightlines or backdrops can make an already great day at the track even better. Let us know which track is your favorite to visit with this vote.

Best Racetrack for Bettors

Is there a track that you just know you’ll be making money at every time you place a bet? The “Best Racetrack for Bettors” award is calling your name. Whether it's a track that provides you with a major score on a regular basis or one that you just love betting, make sure to vote here.

Best Racing Fashion Event of 2019

The Kentucky Derby is known for its style, but it is far from the only event that provides a fashion extravaganza. This award gives you a chance to voice your opinion on which racing event brings out the most fashionable racing fans to show off their best outfits.

Best Racetrack Food

From Hattie’s Famous Fried Chicken to the roast beef sandwiches at Woodbine, many tracks also come with food recommendations when friends tell you to visit them. What track has food you know people just cannot live without when attending the races?

Best Racetrack Cocktail

A day out at the races is often celebrated with a few cocktails; but as we all know, not every cocktail is created equally. It’s up to you to decide who deserves this award – will it be the world-famous Mint Julep, or will the Kentucky Derby staple be dethroned by something else?

Best Racing Radio Show or Podcast of 2019

From pedigree insights to betting, there's a wealth of racing information available to fans available on radio shows and in podcasts. We want to know what shows/podcasts you download immediately every time a new episode comes out.

Best Racing Analyst of 2019

Given the amount of broadcasting and handicapping talent on hand, it can be hard to decide whose information you value the most. If there’s a certain racing analyst who you feel gives you the most bang for your buck, show your appreciation for them when voting for this award.

Best Racing Call of 2019

Every racing fan has a race call they can remember for years after the race happened. From Rags to Riches' Belmont victory to the duel of the “Wives” down the lane a few years ago, there are calls that stick with you. There's been some amazing races in 2019, but you undoubtedly have one call that sticks in your mind – reward the race caller with this vote!

Remember, voting opens on Nov. 6 right here on America’s Best Racing. Check back to see the nominees and vote for those you think are the best of the class of 2019!

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