Carrie Underwood Gets a Horse and Other Must-Click Links of the Week

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Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens has some very good opinions in this piece. (Thoroughbred Racing Commentary

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood, who just welcomed a new horse into her family! (Pop Culture)

I need to lie down after just watching this:

How cool is this? England’s oldest horse race is about to celebrate its 500th edition. It’s been held every single year since 1519! (BBC)

Kendall Jenner, those shoes are NOT appropriate for horseback riding, young lady. (Oh, God, am I old now? I sound exactly like my mother.) Safety first, always! (Footwear News)

I’m not a huge dressage fan, but the story of Seldom Seen, the little Thoroughbred-cross horse who took the sporthorse world by storm in the 1970s and ‘80s, is so worth a read. (Noëlle Floyd)

Today in hot takes: Is owning a car about to be as rare as owning a horse? (New York Times)

This is a wonderful guide on how to throw a retirement party for your horse. (The Horse)

Heck yeah, Mildred Sandlin! The great-grandmother celebrated her 93rd birthday by achieving her lifelong dream of riding a horse. (Inside Edition)

Madison Andrae and her miniature horse Daisie are teaming up to help those in need. (KHQA)

As a fan of both horses and circus, this event is right up my alley! (Buffalo News)

Meet Phantom, a paint horse with an incredible story. (WDBJ 7)

Sean Curtis is a singer, songwriter, and wild horse rider, which is the objectively coolest resume ever. (Cowboy Lifestyle Network)

I can’t do better than this headline: Is it a horse? Is it a car? It's a Belarus horse-mobile! (Jakarta Post)

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