ABR’s Annual Horsey Holiday Gift Guide: 2019 Edition

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Photo by Pete Markham/Wikimedia Commons

Happy holidays to you and yours! Each winter, we round up our short list of presents for the horse lover in your life to help make the holidays merry and bright. From racing fans to equestrians, here are our picks for the best presents to unwrap in 2019 (click the gift name for a link to the item).

<a href="https://oldsmokeclothing.com/">1. A classic T-shirt</a>

1. A classic T-shirt

Old Smoke Clothing Co. is the go-to T-shirt for the horse racing crowd. Fun, stylish, and pithy, these shirts are the perfect present for the Thoroughbred fan in your life.
<a href="https://www.grayson-jockeyclub.org/resources/Jr%20Mem%20signup.pdf">2. A fuzzy friend for the kids, and a helping hand for horses</a>

2. A fuzzy friend for the kids, and a helping hand for horses

Get the pony lover in your life the perfect cuddly friend with a junior membership to the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. It’s a great gift for the kids in your life: not only are you helping horses with your purchase, but you’re also getting an adorable stuffed plush horse that the child can name and keep up with throughout the year.
<a href="https://www.amazon.com/Horse-Opoly-Board-Game-Late-Sky/dp/B00064XFVG/?tag=dodointerest-20">3. Fun and/or fighting for the whole family</a>

3. Fun and/or fighting for the whole family

Monopoly is a great game for the whole family - or the worst, if you’re a competitive bunch like my family is. Either way, make it more fun by getting a horse-themed version like this one!
<a href="https://shop.taylormadefarm.com/tm-custom-needlepoint-dog-collar.html">4. The perfect collar for your furry friend</a>

4. The perfect collar for your furry friend

Why leave your pup or kitty out this holiday season? Have them looking their best with this very stylish, needlepoint collar with a horse racing theme.
<a href="https://racingmuseum.mybigcommerce.com/riding-boot-bottle-opener/">5. Make every party a stylish affair</a>

5. Make every party a stylish affair

Help your pals ditch the generic bottle opener with this lovely version shaped like a riding boot - it’s a stylish way to get the party started!
<a href="https://store.kentuckyderby.com/official-kentucky-derby-145-12oz-mint-julep-glass/p-36356062009147+z-9231-3945882128?_ref=p-TLP:m-GRID:i-r6c1:po-19">6. Help ’em raise a glass</a>

6. Help ’em raise a glass

Kentucky Derby glasses are a classic collector’s item, and they’re a great gift for the racing fan in your life. If you order them soon, they’re 20% off!
<a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/162641632/robert-kaufman-equestrian-fabrics-horse?ga_order=most_relevant&amp;ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=horse+scrunchie&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-30&amp;col=1">7. Some horse-themed scrunchies for your favorite VSCO girl</a>

7. Some horse-themed scrunchies for your favorite VSCO girl

Got a trendy teen in your life? Scrunchies are back, and these horse-themed ones will be a hit for every VSCO Girl you know.
<a href="https://keenelandshop.com/collections/ornaments">8. The perfect ornament</a>

8. The perfect ornament

Jockey Santas, Keeneland logos, and more: help your favorite racing fan trim their tree with these beautiful ornaments.
<a href="https://racingmuseum.mybigcommerce.com/peb-the-art-of-humor/">9. Give the gift of laughter</a>

9. Give the gift of laughter

PEB (Pierre Bellocq) has defined horse racing humor since I was a child; if you know a Thoroughbred fan with a funny bone, this is the book for them.
<a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/618827931/funny-horse-shirt-if-you-can-read-this?ga_order=most_relevant&amp;ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=funny+horse+gifts&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-8&amp;pro=1&amp;frs=1&amp;col=1">10. Speaking of the funny things in life …</a>

10. Speaking of the funny things in life …

If you know a rider, you know that we suffer… let’s call them “unscheduled dismounts” from time to time. Help them laugh off their latest fall with this clever shirt.
<a href="https://www.shinesty.com/products/gals-montucky-christmas-sweater?utm_term=&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=g-us-shopping-smart&amp;gclid=CjwKCAiArJjvBRACEiwA-Wiqq0Qvn5XnZuhHmooDozVjhu1JRzspzVKmWTlJyG4qjhcXvFAQI-m20hoCPf4QAvD_BwE">11. This specific hideous sweater, which I must have</a>

11. This specific hideous sweater, which I must have

Do you know someone who sits right in the middle of that classic Venn diagram of horse lovers and 1990s ski movie fans? Then, do I have good news for you: this sweater exists. You know what to do.
<a href="https://www.doversaddlery.com/ariat-backpack/p/X1-33570/?gclid=CjwKCAiArJjvBRACEiwA-Wiqq_urYyIFzgjUVOZpQjOzcxeaHnUJpm87dL2VeojRMZQUyjVQHSsvmRoC4kwQAvD_BwE">12. Make life a little easier for your favorite rider</a>

12. Make life a little easier for your favorite rider

Keeping track of riding gear can be hard: gloves, helmets, and treats can get lost in cars, closets, and school lockers. Help your favorite rider out with this stylish and practical backpack.
<a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/540096049/horse-socks-crew-socks-funny-socks-crazy?ga_order=most_relevant&amp;ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=horse+socks&amp;ref=sr_gallery-1-1&amp;frs=1">13. If all else fails, socks are always the answer</a>

13. If all else fails, socks are always the answer

I remember when getting socks seemed like holiday punishment. Now, I crave them – after all, the dryer eats so many. Give your favorite horse fan a pair of unforgettable socks that will make them smile any time they glance down.
<a href="https://www.trfinc.org/you-can-help/sponsorship/">14. Heck, just get ’em a horse (sort of)</a>

14. Heck, just get ’em a horse (sort of)

Know someone who’s always wanted a horse but doesn’t have the room? Why not give them the gift of a retired racehorse through sponsorship at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation? You’ll make a person and a horse very happy, and isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?

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