The Best Horse Cakes for National Cake Decorating Day

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As some of you may already know, I love baking, and I really love horses. So when I saw that Oct. 10 is National Cake Decorating Day, I couldn’t help compiling some of the most beautiful horse cakes for you to enjoy. And maybe, like me, you’ll leave this post both hungry and inspired!

The artistry here is incredible:

This is both really cute and maybe even doable:

Giddy up Scarlet! #horsecake

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Check out the details on the mane!

This one is awesome on all fronts. Go, Megan!

This fondant work is bananas:

The silks, the betting tickets, and the money really make this one:

Horse racing theme #horsecake #horseracingcake #ihorses

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This is a cake with a horse eating sugar cubes. I am charmed.

Holy moly, these cupcakes are incredible:


Ooooh, I love the “dirt” here – I’m guessing crumbled cookies?

I love the textures here!

One more #birthdaycake done for the year! #wilton #horsecake

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I want to be best friends with Helena, who loves the Kentucky Derby and bearded dragons.

This was too cute to not share:

This is a cake?! My mind is blown:

Love this cowboy-themed cake!

These are seriously adorable cake pops:

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