InstaBram: No One Circles the Wagons Like Horseplayers

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Horseplayers follow the odds as it gets closer to post time. (Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing)

Sunday was maybe the greatest day for Buffalo Bills fans since the mid 1990s. Buffalo beat Minnesota as a 17-point underdog, which made them the longest shot to win an NFL game outright since the 1995 Cowboys lost to division rival Washington as a 17 ½-point favorite. The year also happens to be the last year the Bills won a playoff game and was a year removed from the last of their four straight Super Bowl appearances (all Bills losses).

So #BillsMafia will take that they can get in 2018. And those who had any belief in them after their disaster of a start to the new season got paid handsomely. If you took the Bills on the money line, you got as high as 12-1 on your money. 12-1!

Wait, 12-1? Seriously, that’s it? Freaking 12-1? The biggest upset in an NFL regular season in 23 years paid a paltry 12-1?

This is why we savvy horseplayers know where the real money is, all day every day. Pick a track, any track, any day.

Sunday, Sept. 23, Churchill Downs, Race 1: #4 Miss Alatamira wins and pays $23.80. 12-1! Two races later: #2 Valycove pays $19.40, almost 10-1.

Sunday, Sept. 23, Laurel Park, Race 1: #5 Reedini wins and pays $30.40. 15-1 baby. But wait, there is more. So much more you might quit betting on any other sport. Two races later at Laurel: #3 A Rose by any Name wins and pays ... wait for it ... $105.40 or 51.70-1! You can’t get 52-1 on a roulette table. The show horse was #6 Eighty Bucks and if you bet eighty bucks on him to come in third, THIRD, you would have gotten $672.

And guess what, this happens on huge race days as well.

Saturday, Sept. 22 was Pennsylvania Derby day at Parx Racing. Race 4 was won by #1 Doctorofmischief, who paid $23.80 for a $2 bet. Two other winners paid more than 7-1 on your money and, if you took the favorite in the Pennsylvania Derby, McKinzie, you still got a 2-1 payout.

Even the biggest races in the history of the sport are littered with huge upsets: Da’ Tara was a 38-1 longshot to win the 2008 Belmont Stakes. Mine that Bird was a 50-1 winner of the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Arcangues won the 1993 Breeders Cup Classic with astronomical odds of 133-1. YOU LIKE THAT!

This has no purpose of trying to convince the savvy gambler not to take the Patriots every week, even though you’d be wondering what the hell happened to the Patriots. The point is, the savvy gambler knows that betting on football can make the games more exciting but the real cash is at the racetracks, all day every day. You don’t need to wait 23 years to score on a massive upset, you can do that at any track on any card under any conditions.

Here’s the best part, sports books are in tracks (New Jersey) with more coming quickly. While they sit there sweating out the Jacksonville Jaguars-Tennessee Titans hoping to pull off an upset, you can show them that 6-1 is what we call “decent.” And we’ll put some money on the games because, why not, it’s not like it’ll make or break us.

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